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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage
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Hoovies Garage documents the adventures of Tyler Hoover, an automotive writer who makes suicidal car purchases, and maintains a fleet of cars he calls the "Hooptie Fleet".

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Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington 19 tundi tagasi
UGLY car
CrazeyP 19 tundi tagasi
31dknight 19 tundi tagasi
A great video.
Maurice Harris
Maurice Harris 19 tundi tagasi
I had one of those 6 series convertible here in the U.K. a few years back l. I pampered mine with a full main dealers history. The thing cost a fortune in repairs and servicing. Sensors in the roof and updating software was the major costs. That was followed by needing new tyres at the time “ Runflats” approximately £2k those tyres were for a set exclusive to that car Bridgestones at the time was cheaper to change the wheels and tyres- was advised by insurance company run flats was a safety element of the car. I would be modifying the car and I would not be insured by them.. that car I will be surprised if it lasts too long. The I drive will be letting the owner know what needs to be done as it does not have scheduled servicing but as the car needs things ie filters, brakes, etc this will be an interesting experiment it is after all a V8 BMW…,
yankidiot 20 tundi tagasi
V8 BMW she's never driven an auto by the looks of things accident coming very soon
firstverb 20 tundi tagasi
I feel sorry for most of his cars. But I miss the Imperial.
Josh Gray
Josh Gray 20 tundi tagasi
It’s interpret not translate. My wife works with professional interpreters and I can assure you, they will correct you.
Lettuce Carrots
Lettuce Carrots 20 tundi tagasi
It’s interesting that Mrs. Hoovie’s friend has been in the United States for 2 - 3 years (plus the year or so that she was in Vietnam awaiting a visa knowing that she was coming here) and she still can’t even speak broken, basic conversational English. If I had to bet, she has absolutely no plans to learn English or assimilate. She’s likely living in a Vietnamese enclave pretending like she’s still in Vietnam, getting paid in cash and probably not even paying income taxes.
The MK2 Golf Channel
The MK2 Golf Channel 20 tundi tagasi
Nice MK2 just outside the Ninja’s shop 👍🏻
Leon Umbrella
Leon Umbrella 20 tundi tagasi
I saw a broken 2007 M6 on the road after this video
Stef V
Stef V 20 tundi tagasi
On a i-pace there are 36 cells and you can open it up and change a cell
Mixa 20 tundi tagasi
w210 🤩🥰
Sherloid Bai
Sherloid Bai 21 tund tagasi
Just learn the language , Hoovie.
K00WAVES 21 tund tagasi
Bro stfu and just do a side by side race smh
Oli Douze
Oli Douze 21 tund tagasi
Nice content! I'm so glad it's almost 2hrs instead of 10mins!
Moe 21 tund tagasi
Thats love right there,take care of family
Chronos 21 tund tagasi
Really digging those gold bug eyes shade there hooptie, give it a real retro vibe.
Bradley Polo
Bradley Polo 22 tundi tagasi
That girl is actually a an amazing driver “drifter”. You will see.
Doomsday Defense
Doomsday Defense 22 tundi tagasi
Says “Then we’ll go out to lunch” Humm not eating at Freddy’s doesn’t instill confidence in me to eat there..
Is2fiftyslow Fsport
Is2fiftyslow Fsport 22 tundi tagasi
I think it looks ugly in comparison with the new gen
ThePetalesharo 22 tundi tagasi
😐 pain.
hashcatchem 22 tundi tagasi
I wonder how much the wife cost lol
Mossback H
Mossback H 22 tundi tagasi
My wife is Asian but won't drive the M3 so life is good.
Oat lord
Oat lord 22 tundi tagasi
Only thing I would want is a Bluetooth radio.
Jack Saindon
Jack Saindon 22 tundi tagasi
$3000 for repairs on a rare countach really aint too bad
Sherman Daniel
Sherman Daniel 23 tundi tagasi
Happy Birthday Sir. Still have not listed that 1980 300 TD I Emailed you about couple months ago, want to partial trade for the Mini ?
Jack Saindon
Jack Saindon 23 tundi tagasi
idk i'd be down to buy that bmw and drop $5000 on repairs that's not the worst i've ever seen😂 plus as an ASM at an auto shop I get that 50% off labor and cheap parts so it would prolly just be $2000 for all the repairs
Cem Ozler
Cem Ozler 23 tundi tagasi
Punishing VIETS one BMW at a time ,lol
BizzLeVrai 23 tundi tagasi
My time spent in Vancouver I learn to fear Asian driver
watchingitallhere 23 tundi tagasi
Who else is just looking at the 348 in the background?
rick scriver
rick scriver 23 tundi tagasi
The Carmax offer is a joke. This car could even justify a new or good used engine swap. There is still plenty of life in the rest of the car. I would think at $20. To 25k, someone could make this a really nice car, and recoup some of the cost selling original engine parts.
Tiago Shade
Tiago Shade Päev tagasi
Give me that…
EMH Päev tagasi
If BMW engineers had any shame, they'd do something about this. Obviously, like the Range Rover brand, they don't care because there are lines of yuppies who will buy them new, take the depreciation hit under warranty, and allow the dealerships to sell them one more time to unsespecting consumers who want what they can't afford.
Dave Ashley
Dave Ashley Päev tagasi
Did you fart at 2:50?
plio7 Päev tagasi
You give away a perfectly good car to a stranger and give a POS to your family Member….. lol
John Aebischer
John Aebischer Päev tagasi
Should have just done a cat delete you’re in Kansas.
Plutonius X
Plutonius X Päev tagasi
Totally forgot about the Town Car. Talk about a facepalm moment.
Eric H
Eric H Päev tagasi
Those are some SERIOUS power lines running through your back yard. Do they humm/crackle much?
Poffology Päev tagasi
it smells like bearings haha
Crown Vic Police Interceptor
Well that’s what makes everyone different we all like different vehicles. Me, I would buy a Honda before if buy a Hyundai. You the know the saying for Jaguar gotta buy two of them cus ones always gonna be in the shop.
Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua
Richie dinner date with your wife , Instagram fail date with chaperone and secret cam plus recorder plastic flute version of careless whisper.....can't wait
djwilliams Päev tagasi
OK, he tells her that it leaks; BUT does she know what leaks and what to check/fill with fluid?? May extend the life?? lol
Lauchlan Still
Lauchlan Still Päev tagasi
That countache looks fuckin awful to drive
Tommy Madux
Tommy Madux Päev tagasi
As the car also proves that the size Of the motor isn’t Everything when it comes to cars. Some of the most fun cars I have ever driven had had small motors. Like a old late 70 Or early 80 ford festiva with a full race set up and race more and a Honda 600 are two that come to mind. Both cars had less then 2 liter motors. Yet the most fun to drive and race around. Just like a go cart on NOS
Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua
Richierebuilds.....sub, like.....can't wait
Tommy Madux
Tommy Madux Päev tagasi
I like that blue color cadi. I like the darker more electric blue better but I also like that blue.
Bruce Chamberlain
Bruce Chamberlain Päev tagasi
Those repair prices sounded horrendous you should have taken it to wizard.
Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua
Jeep jeep long time...
Customs PCs
Customs PCs Päev tagasi
Get Audi A8L D3 do it
Jonny Oyster
Jonny Oyster Päev tagasi
Honestly Hoovie is one guy I wouldn't want a free car from lol
Rand Thompson
Rand Thompson Päev tagasi
Hide the key in my mailbox. Message me for address.
NJ W Päev tagasi
I would love the have a Mercedes Benz I love them I love in Houston
Jonny Doe
Jonny Doe Päev tagasi
dude. you are wayyyy too old to be wearing skinny jeans. seriously. stop. its gross.
EMH Päev tagasi
Fords and BMWs from the same era had problems with the plastic they used on timing chain guides. ....I wonder who the salesman of the decade for whoever sold that plastic to these companies.
Daniel Staggers
Daniel Staggers Päev tagasi
Just another typical used car salesman.
LivermoresQuant Päev tagasi
hopefully Policy Jesus or whatever paid 40k for that ad spot... I had to press skip forward like 5 times to get through it.
Rydles Crie
Rydles Crie Päev tagasi
And they say Asian women are bad drivers
Woah What Is This
Woah What Is This Päev tagasi
I just had to wait a month for a gladiator taillight for a customer
Craig Best
Craig Best Päev tagasi
Given the car's parked behind, not sure if I'd allow anyone to move something parked in front, especially if they can't find the brake pedal!
Craig Best
Craig Best Päev tagasi
So you don't trust the Lambo to get you to CA?
mike lyons
mike lyons Päev tagasi
Tyler word of advise from a man with an Asian wife as well (chinese) is learn a bit of the language so you know when she is translating your words in correctly.
Mi Zillich
Mi Zillich Päev tagasi
Talks too much
Jacob and NeShanna Skaggs
Hoovies next Hooptie is a flat bed tow truck🤣👍
Kris I.
Kris I. Päev tagasi
The salvage title really hurts this car most places won't insure salvage title cars
Allen J
Allen J Päev tagasi
Ive seen the 456 at the tag office and its really clean in person
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona Päev tagasi
Han’s first translation was “He’s giving you a POS, but it’s free.” The last one was “Drive it like you stole it.” I didn’t catch the rest.
Trapaneseplug Päev tagasi
What city?
Molina Molino
Molina Molino Päev tagasi
Drive to a poor Neighborhood leaave your Royce Royce there & video it & see what happens to it
Lotus Esprit de corps
Hoovies Garage needs a Morgan Three Wheeler! It would be EEfrom Gold.
Kevin StarRider
Kevin StarRider Päev tagasi
She’s fixing to get her ass stranded made the BMW mistake once literally drove from the car lot to the shop which is where it stayed unty it drained my bank account
kafisher44 Päev tagasi
Would love to see a more detailed video on Hoovie's Cobalt.
H B Päev tagasi
Hoovie I fuck with you man, goodness. The park Ave character 😂😂😂😂😂
Christopher Leamons
Christopher Leamons Päev tagasi
I’ll bet that Jay Leno is very proud of Tyler & Doug.
aaronmoser36 Päev tagasi
That poor 6series deserves better....😥
gigglebob69 Päev tagasi
Now you've sorted it you'll never want to sell it lol
gigglebob69 Päev tagasi
If it's not leaking it's empty 🤣 Yeah that's about right lol
alan sharp
alan sharp Päev tagasi
just drive the car. ignore any warning lights!!! when the brakes fail you can ignore that warning light too?
Obd1andDown Päev tagasi
The Vanos rattle on my e36 is louder the aftermarket exhaust. Sounds like hell but it's still going.
Frank Vega
Frank Vega Päev tagasi
Awesome van