I got stuck with a FAILING Tesla Model S Performance (shows how WASTEFUL electric cars can be) 

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16 juuli 2021



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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage 9 päeva tagasi
I know it may not seem like much, but YOU searching for cars RIGHT NOW on Autotempest makes me very happy! Click the linkand search (every day, if possible) www.autotempest.com/results?make=tesla&model=models&
Jorge Kutev
Jorge Kutev 9 tundi tagasi
EEfrom autotranslate traducing Hoovies garage as Movies garage
Mathew Fullerton
Mathew Fullerton 4 päeva tagasi
And when you replace one cell (for $1000) you think the other 6,999 will last forever, right? So, 25 other out of the 7000 fail at different times, you've spent $25,000 with more that can fail. THAT'S why they replace the whole pack.
Howard anon
Howard anon 5 päeva tagasi
Its not just car manufacturers that do this kind of thing its tractor company's teck company's have similar tactics like with tractor companies they have a specific computer code for different parts farmers have resorted to using pirated code from Eastern europe to fix them its crazy
Caligula Fortuna
Caligula Fortuna 7 päeva tagasi
you are the Tesla g-o-d and i know you can easily pop off on this S 🙌🏻
UncleTrashero 7 päeva tagasi
but you personally know Rich at Electrified Garage so youll be fine
InstaltechCarAudio 4 tundi tagasi
Hoovie Iv got a one in a life time opportunity 1991 Lancia HF Delta Evo 1 in red, it’s the worlds cheapest, if your interested reply back
Fernando Stanic
Fernando Stanic 5 tundi tagasi
Still they say electric cars are future. Yes if their batteries would last for at least 250 000 miles and could charge in 5 min.
Twelve Wing Productions
Of all the cars you could have bought, knowing the warranty was up in 8 years.. you bought this one? Seriously? And the previous owner didn't have this taken care of under warranty? I'm thinking this doesn't pass the sniff test.
SHWELL11 7 tundi tagasi
The Prius has been my first look and Electric cars, and I have first hand experience with repairing a Battery.. After that experience I realized "Everything can be repaired", but you have to consider the cost.. I'll drive it back from Ocala for you @Hoovies Garage!
TeslaJoe 9 tundi tagasi
Hey did you go to the William Shatner school of acting??? Also not even bothering to check with Tesla about the actual problem and cost and claiming it is $17,000 based on some internet forums you read is just nonsense. How can you comment on the cost and how Tesla makes repairs if you never even talked to Tesla? Having said that Rich's guys will definitely be able to fix the car, but you never even gave Tesla a chance before jumping to conclusions and then basing repair decisions on internet forum posts instead of just flat-bedding the car to Tesla. Funny getting the car to Tesla is some insurmountable problem which is on;ly a few hours away, but getting it to FL to Rich's shop - well hey that's no big deal we just ship it.
Geoff Marsh
Geoff Marsh 10 tundi tagasi
Seems actually offensive to have a "TESLA" in close proximity to the Corvette, Diablo, 2 x Ferrari's and others. Guess someone likes them?
Rover Waters
Rover Waters 11 tundi tagasi
garbage car
Helipeek 12 tundi tagasi
Hydrogen is the way to go, once the infrastructure can be sorted of course.
tubeyourself 12 tundi tagasi
Can I have all the parts to put in my dual motor Geom E-tro? Also do you have any extra 12 inch tires? Its gonna need more of them for the 4 wheel burnouts.
Chris Kilkenny
Chris Kilkenny 13 tundi tagasi
Just needs a hack It’s laptop w wheels Don’t overthink it Wipe its memory Reload Drive Don’t be daft
john pacey
john pacey 13 tundi tagasi
Total shite car why do people purchase this junk some are easily conned you my frient have bought an expensive lemon
Google User
Google User 14 tundi tagasi
I will guarantee that the right to repair, that is such a good idea, will be drowned at birth. Politicians will be bought off. Just watch what happens in europe.
Cole 15 tundi tagasi
In the future all EV’s will only be allowed to be repaired by the manufacturer ..right to repair will not happen and we’ll all be fucked paying 1000’s in repair bills. Disgusting. The future is most definitely not EV. It’s a conspiracy
IstraTourism.com 15 tundi tagasi
Again "Tesla lie"...ITS NOT QUICKEST PRODUCTION CAR.... Rimac Nevera IS.
Bass Lessons Melbourne
Bass Lessons Melbourne 16 tundi tagasi
8:32 "Getting a little busy with the centipede here!" Look away! Look away!
Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington 19 tundi tagasi
UGLY car
CrazeyP 19 tundi tagasi
Stef V
Stef V 20 tundi tagasi
On a i-pace there are 36 cells and you can open it up and change a cell
watchingitallhere 23 tundi tagasi
Who else is just looking at the 348 in the background?
Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua
Richie dinner date with your wife , Instagram fail date with chaperone and secret cam plus recorder plastic flute version of careless whisper.....can't wait
Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua
Richierebuilds.....sub, like.....can't wait
Mi Zillich
Mi Zillich Päev tagasi
Talks too much
Nicolas Sales
Nicolas Sales Päev tagasi
Well said, electric cars are not the answer. Plant trees, ride a horse and put freight on the railroad!!
Type Writer
Type Writer Päev tagasi
notice how any attempt in the car industry after the 90s to seem "hip and trendy" always turns the car into an un repairable mess?
Sebastian Byczkowski
6 to 9 years it is a standard battery life. After that time battery has less than 10% of new capacity. Period.
Christian Wathne
Christian Wathne Päev tagasi
Im pretty sure Tesla repairs old batteries. So you will likely get a used repaired battery. Dont know the cost though.
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed Päev tagasi
Hmmmm, I drive a 31 year old Chevrolet S10. Supposedly, a disposable vehicle that I paid $6200 for BRAND NEW. How many lithium strip mines were needed for my S10? Ima gonna say..... ZERO. However, it didn't come with the "totally overexaggerated but completely undeserved sense of self-righteousness" option. Might be why it has lasted so long...
Rafael Lo
Rafael Lo Päev tagasi
Autor ist an idiot.
Kawasaki Man
Kawasaki Man Päev tagasi
Six minutes of advertising 👎
H B Päev tagasi
They probably charge you for replacement when in fact they’re just repairing
Mark Leaning
Mark Leaning Päev tagasi
There's going to be alot of evs stood with dead batteries in few years when no one will want to pay to have battery replaced total junk cars 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
JezzDaBezz Päev tagasi
This is why we need right to repair
Zach Goebeler
Zach Goebeler Päev tagasi
I can't believe a car that new has a third row seat option where the seats face backwards. I refuse to believe that's a factory tesla option 😐
Yves De Decker
Yves De Decker Päev tagasi
Did you know that the range of that 'broken' battery would be enough for me to drive to and from work, for an entire week?
bornwestusa 2 päeva tagasi
There is no repairing one of those packs, see Munro's channel where he takes a few apart with a grinder....
A Guy
A Guy 2 päeva tagasi
Has a whole bunch of wicked cars in the back Ferrari etc. chooses to drive a Tesla whack and I know gas prices are through the roof but I broke a Tesla the gas pedal broke the DEF I’m good on those things man it’s like driving a porcelain doll
Gbenro Oduyela
Gbenro Oduyela 2 päeva tagasi
You should have called tesla and tell them the battery doesnt charge more than 50 miles after a software update. At least, they will diagnose the car for you for free
steve worth
steve worth 2 päeva tagasi
I am not sure quite how much recycling of lithium batteries is done- making safe may be about all, When you think of the environmental costs of mining the Lithium and cobalt and transporting it around the world to the battery manufacturers and car makers I am not overly sure how green this all is. And you still have to generate the electricity somehow. I think the greenest car you can have is the one you've already got and which has a life of 20 years or more.
Araven Racer
Araven Racer 2 päeva tagasi
Yep... I had an Escape hybrid a few years back. After the hybrid drive took a 💩, it was going to cost me about $14,000 to have it repaired! The factory wouldn’t pay and I had to do a voluntary repo since I couldn’t just 💩 $14,000 out of my butt. The dealer threatened to garnish my wages so I was forced to claim chapter 7... never again will I mess with anything non combustion.
YouGotAnyGrap3s 2 päeva tagasi
Shows how wasteful your brain is thinking if you can’t fix it, no one can therefore it must be wasteful? 🤔
wydryfly 2 päeva tagasi
Is this guy related to Jeff Goldblum? I swear when I close my eyes I hear Jeff.
Fırat Taşkale
Fırat Taşkale 2 päeva tagasi
9:00 is where he actually starts to talk about the error
Chris Leiter
Chris Leiter 2 päeva tagasi
Crazy to think that my 2021 Model 3 is even quicker than that thing, which when it came out was a bit of a drag race monster.
Din B
Din B 2 päeva tagasi
I think the "right to repair" policy to be approved soon will have a boom effect on those Tesla after-market service centers popping up and yes true enough battery repairs can just be around $1000 or so. When this happens, the demand for cheaper 2nd hand Teslas will hit the ceiling.
Garnet heron
Garnet heron 2 päeva tagasi
Like all appliances nowadays they are disposable for the simplest reasons. Congratulations to Tessa they have managed to make cars disposable also how is that good for the environment. Let’s not forget where the raw material comes from to make batteries. They have to mind those minerals from the earth.
ffred34 2 päeva tagasi
Unfortunately, cars are not built for anyone but the first person who buys them off the showroom floor.
Didier Gras
Didier Gras 2 päeva tagasi
Would have liked to buy this one but bought a much cheaper Hyundai IONIQ 5. FYI, IONIQ 5 vs TESLA MODEL Y... : Tesla great job, max speed, range especially leveraging its shape and weight. Still prefer, being in Europe, comfort. 99% of my trips are within 200kms one way. With the Hyundai IONIQ 5, I do look forward to ventilated seats, Android Auto, the roomy and comfortable interior, and HUD. Also like reclining seats with foot rest and reclining console for arms rest, all electronic aids especially against collisions, automated parking (Executive version), blind spot cams on dashboard when turning, V2L, sun shades integrated in back doors, electric sunroof shade, wide space available inside with good visibility through the back window etc. And the obviously efficient 400V to 800V internal battery inverter for fast charging. Also 5 year car warranty illimited kms (Max 80 000 for Tesla... Reliability issues?), and 8 year battery warranty (same as Tesla). Comment by Park Shawn translating from Korean to English this video : eefrom.info/limo/qImlpaunxLaVzZ4/video Ionic 5 LR and Model Y LR both have similar spec including weight, battery sizes. Details can be found on google. Here are some highlights from the conclusion they brought up at the end of the video. 1. Both car's AVG speed were about 100KM/h (Highway drive) 2. Both car's A/C and other convenience functions(like Highway drive assistance for Ionic 5, Auto Pilot for Model Y and etc.) were always on during the test. 3. 4 drivers drove about 100km per person and checked the remaining battery at designated location. 4. Both car have shown slightly poor battery performance than usual because of the weather condition (rain) 5. By just looking at the specification, Model Y can drive 141km more than Ionic 5. However the actual drive test have shown that the difference were only about 60~70km. This experiment have shown that IONIC 5's driving range is little longer than what Hyundai advertised. 6. They have concluded that both Ionic 5 and Model Y can drive from Seoul to Busan. The distance between those two cities are about 350km. Hope this helps.
sandoo22 2 päeva tagasi
What are the odds that Hoovies gets a battery issue with a model S ? It really looks staged . You can get that error even if the coolant level is low. What a great opportunity for him to involve other guys like the electrified garage and came up with some new episodes. Face it dude, this is definitely the future, people lose interest in ICE cars and you know it. I love your channel, btw
MegaRetr 2 päeva tagasi
Awesome video...greeting from Russia
KC9UDX 2 päeva tagasi
I could buy 20 really practical cars for $30,000
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 2 päeva tagasi
This is the whole problem with the whole electric car thing They do nothing to save the environment they actually help destroy it quicker
David Barnsley
David Barnsley Päev tagasi
@Matt Schmude that it does 😂😂
Matt Schmude
Matt Schmude Päev tagasi
But at least it gives Tesla owners the ability to lecture the rest of us on how terrible we are /s
cummins24421 2 päeva tagasi
Gas tanks a couple hundred bucks and take 120 seconds to refill. Battery powered electrics are not progress.
Bill Feld
Bill Feld 2 päeva tagasi
Didn't make it to the end.
Bill Feld
Bill Feld 2 päeva tagasi
Please get to to point i don't give a hoot about your daily life, I'm hoping you will get too the point, 2021
davemm28 2 päeva tagasi
I think when battery is 8 year old every cell is close to be dead, so after repairing it - in meaning to replace few dead cells, problem will back very soon.
Danjet96 2 päeva tagasi
Buys a cheap car. It breaks . Makes $ complaining. Please man.
Steve Born AKA Rabbit
Steve Born AKA Rabbit 2 päeva tagasi
Bro! U sued check out (Louis Rossmann) channel and his fight for the Right to Repair R devices phones, car's, and so on.
Pablo wedgburg
Pablo wedgburg 2 päeva tagasi
1. Asterisks are the mark of the devil. 2. Lease , don't buy.
Lawrence 2 päeva tagasi
Sounds like you can barely save enough in gas to pay for that battery replacement.
mike mack
mike mack 3 päeva tagasi
Slawek L
Slawek L 3 päeva tagasi
Anthony Filice
Anthony Filice 3 päeva tagasi
As a current Volvo tech we definitely don’t throw batteries at the cars to fix them. We repair them all the time
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe 3 päeva tagasi
"Environmentally friendly" electric cars. Another big lie being sold to us by environmental whackos. If the batteries are useless after 8-10 years and we total out and have to junk and dispose of perfectly good cars are we really saving anything?
Brian Schoedel
Brian Schoedel 3 päeva tagasi
I don’t understand how a $15K battery replacement after 7+ years is economically & environmentally friendly?
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 11 tundi tagasi
@- JPL - Climate Change Denier, Science Denier, ReeeeEEEee!- EV Religion Victim.
- JPL -
- JPL - 2 päeva tagasi
Don't question it. The future is EVs and that's final.
Anthony Shaffer
Anthony Shaffer 3 päeva tagasi
Lol at You hugging that tree from the previous video..classic
Christopher Aynsley
Christopher Aynsley 3 päeva tagasi
You guys are lucky. A telsa is still worth close to new $70k
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson 3 päeva tagasi
Rich is an awesome guy. Ol Tyler ain't too bad of a guy either( everyone loves to do repairs with a bank account like his)
Dirk Kruisheer
Dirk Kruisheer 3 päeva tagasi
I'm at 7 minutes now, I give up
williie loman
williie loman 3 päeva tagasi
It's a turd.
Joker 3 päeva tagasi
I tinted my headlights so they work less
Bandrosonk 3 päeva tagasi
Damnit I really wanted to see Hoovie come to Seabrook!
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones 3 päeva tagasi
Liability, Liability, Oh Me, Oh My...what about the WIZARD? I am sure he would love to take apart the tesla battery housing and "light up his life". I am more than happy to help Mr. Wizard...I need to do something with my Physics, EE degree other than watch you guys crash and burn.
Damir Covic
Damir Covic 3 päeva tagasi
You should try to send Email to RIMAC AUTOMOBILE in Croatia. He is expert in E automobil and batery. I hope he will help.
mike helm
mike helm 3 päeva tagasi
Shivam Gaind
Shivam Gaind 3 päeva tagasi
Why doesn’t hoovie say how much he bought the car for?
Nose Boop
Nose Boop 3 päeva tagasi
He said the 17,000$ battery cost is near the price he paid for it.
Gabby Bloo!
Gabby Bloo! 3 päeva tagasi
Only 4 months out of warranty? With some polite customer service calls and social media pressure, you might be able to get Tesla to do it.
Dosclic 98
Dosclic 98 3 päeva tagasi
Here you see what can happen to your Tesla just after the 8 year warranty expires...
Flemming Hvidberg Jensen
Flemming Hvidberg Jensen 3 päeva tagasi
Come on man, get to the point instead of being wasteful with our time.🤷🏻‍♂️
Swift 3 päeva tagasi
Your title and information is misleading. The batteries aren't wasteful, after they have "failed", they are repurposed to get maximum usage out of them.
gbusrt 3 päeva tagasi
not say it good at $20000 for battery ....but but... it might not be so bad, the older batteries were limited by their chemistry, a newer battery may last 1000000miles
Geoff Geoff
Geoff Geoff 3 päeva tagasi
Never use a SC - they kill batteries.
Andreas Lassak
Andreas Lassak 3 päeva tagasi
What the stupid person.
h g
h g 3 päeva tagasi
And now Imagine how it will be when tesla makes the batteries structural components of the chassis. Not only could a repair be extremely difficult but also would the replacement be almost impossible. In other words: from "hey we don't repair your battery you have to get a new battery for 20k" it would escalate to "Hey, you have a problem with your battery: get a new car for 90k". I just hope before that happens, there will be a right to repair act to avoid such situataions.
Sylwia Stankowicz
Sylwia Stankowicz 3 päeva tagasi
don't worry poor countries like mine will buy this scrap,
Marc Bjorg
Marc Bjorg 3 päeva tagasi
Tesla, VW AG Cars, Mercedes Benz, BMW = Garbage. When they get old it's stupid expensive to fix them. Enjoy your junk.
Rafał O
Rafał O 3 päeva tagasi
Teslas got 8 years lifespan.
Andy Payne
Andy Payne 3 päeva tagasi
Too many cells have failed in your latest hoopty. The batteries are in a series-parallel configuration. This has evolved over time. Cells fail. This is a fact of life for the current battery technology. The current battery technology is lithium-ion. In extreme cases- the cells can catch fire. The update was likely made because of previous issues that made the evening news when cars caught fire. Newer Tesla's have 4 packs of 4000+ batteries. It's not a simple matter to replace a single cell. They are all glued together with the heating/cooling coils wound between the cells to improve efficiency (shortening charging times- and prolonging life in winter driving). There are some fairly good teardown videos on the Munro youtube channel.
Andrzej Adamski
Andrzej Adamski 3 päeva tagasi
I've honda accord V from 1997 r. and it works perfectly. Tesla is a shi...
R C 3 päeva tagasi
Fix don't replace! Right to repair forever!
Sean Patrick Kennedy
Sean Patrick Kennedy 3 päeva tagasi
Dude.. look. We like you, but we also know you're a closet Trump lovin' consecutive, fool.. 🙄 Good luck with that.. 😂 Fact is, all European car companies are leaping forward with only Ford attempting to keep up. If we continue on this trajectory, the countries we saved from fascism will pass us bye, in the next 10 years. Wake TFU Hoovie. Innovate or die. We used to be the upstart country that was ahead of everyone. Now we're feeding the cigar smoking oil Baron? Really? Tesla's built in the U.S. Fkn A. man! Don't forget that. Also, the future of electric cars is electric car battery changing stations that will change out all of your batteries in 5 minutes for a fee. Green convince for a few $$. Those solar "filling stations" will also feed the grid with electricity, not take it away.
STS 1 3 päeva tagasi
So what is going to happen with all these Teslas after battery warranties expire?
Matt Schmude
Matt Schmude Päev tagasi
There will be a lot of worthless parts cars
David J
David J 3 päeva tagasi
Thats ok we'll just strip mine some third world country for the necessary materials to make electric cars and other gadgets. Easy peasy.
NN TRANS INC 4 päeva tagasi
R1 4 päeva tagasi
Just buy urself an old honda or a toyota u can keep that shit til 2090
Jim Cole
Jim Cole 4 päeva tagasi
I would never use that third row. Even if it was my mother in-law.
Why I'm Like This
Why I'm Like This 4 päeva tagasi
You do a great Jeff Goldblum impersonation.
Len Kowalyshen
Len Kowalyshen 4 päeva tagasi
I would rather own that blue Corvette in the back ground ...........
Justin Nicholas
Justin Nicholas 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah right! Is this the cynic in me? Hoovie just happened to buy the perfect case study Tesla that slotted in with The Electrified Garages key promotional message. Having said that, I have nothing but the highest praise for everything about this EEfrom channel and the other automotive bros. You guys have saved me so much time and money living my automotive vicariously. I’m serious. I used to get hyper focused on old bayliners and hoopties, rusty Italian cars old BMWs. No more, I just dose on the wizard, Tyler, etc
David Borrelli
David Borrelli 4 päeva tagasi
This Uber-proprietary behavior from Tesla and the baseless ramblings of their vaporware salesman of a CEO are the reasons why I would not ever consider a Tesla. It is a disgrace both to the founders of Tesla who Musk kicked to the curb, and Nikola Tesla, the man who is the company’s namesake.
my dream came true.
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my dream came true.
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This Is SO SMART!!! 😂 #shorts
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