The early Cadillac Escalade is a pop-culture icon, and I bought the best example ever. 

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mjbusmc 3 päeva tagasi
"Riptide Blue" x 900
Benjamin Fach
Benjamin Fach 8 päeva tagasi
no ones gonna talk about the two other GM SUV's that just drove past him lol
tx. by
tx. by 8 päeva tagasi
Hey Hoovie every time you said rip tide blue my baby brother had mini seizures, can you please refrain from saying this in future videos? Love from Texas!
TheRealDirtyDan 9 päeva tagasi
2005-2006 ESV Platinums are the only escalades to have ventilated rear seats
Cole Borman
Cole Borman 9 päeva tagasi
I sent you a email.... sell me that escalade!
Troy Neva
Troy Neva 10 päeva tagasi
Still driving my 02 'Lade, may never part with it. My family fondly refers to her as the Garage-Queen. Sunday driver and hasn't seen rain or snow in 8-9 years I've owned. Fuel sender? Check. Viscous-coupler transfer case fail? Check. GMT800 stupid brake line routing on top of frame rail (and rusts)? Check. Still wouldn't trade it.
Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins 10 päeva tagasi
If it was white I would try to buy it off you, I 100% have no doubts the second generation Escalade is going to be worth money. Collectible cars follow the generation that grew up with them it's a formula and it's been proven time and time again.
Ted's Medibles
Ted's Medibles 15 päeva tagasi
I have one identical on my lot
Bando 1017
Bando 1017 15 päeva tagasi
3 times he says it again at 4:33. Do you guys even watch the video? I’m really thinking you don’t he said it 3 times. No way you didn’t catch those if you did watch the video.
Duney Issa
Duney Issa 15 päeva tagasi
You're a fool. I like the video, but had to hit 👎 because I don't want to encourage your voice dubbing behavior. Lol 😆
NoCap 757
NoCap 757 15 päeva tagasi
Your grass is beautiful btw
NoCap 757
NoCap 757 15 päeva tagasi
A little grooving in LA perhaps! 😎
Ryan 15 päeva tagasi
As a Cadillac fan and a mobile auto glass technician I LOVE that platform! It takes a (Domestic Windshield) DW 1549…fits the Escalade, Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Yukon and all the other GMC/Chevy iterations of this body style all take the same glass and there all super easy!! I don’t know of a window/windshield job on that platform that takes mire than 20 min-half an hour except maybe The regulator because it’s riveted and not bolted…love love LOVE those trucks!!!
Bignate 17 päeva tagasi
When you're ready to sell let me know
Jon Hettrick
Jon Hettrick 17 päeva tagasi
Those people got this Cadillac or they got they got the Lincoln navigator of its time. They sure were popular
Jon Hettrick
Jon Hettrick 17 päeva tagasi
I like the pickup truck version. That's a nice SUV.
Katlyn Klassen
Katlyn Klassen 17 päeva tagasi
I don't think a car has ever left Tyler's hands in worse condition than it entered them.
Cathcart, Robert A.
Cathcart, Robert A. 18 päeva tagasi
Nice Tahoe. Puketide Hue.
La Trace
La Trace 19 päeva tagasi
As another commenter said, keep an eye out for this one on CarsandBids.com in the coming months. I give Hoovie six months before he dumps it.
John Sheppard
John Sheppard 19 päeva tagasi
Speaking of late 90’s, early 2000’s SUV’s, have you ever been able to find a good example of the 5.9 L Limited Grand Cherokee? They seem super rare and desirable in the Jeep circles
Rodney Kahane
Rodney Kahane 20 päeva tagasi
Riptide blue, FTW!!!##@$#\%3
Derek Holmberg
Derek Holmberg 21 päev tagasi
‘05 & ‘06 Platinum ESV is one of my all time favorites as well.
06racecar60 21 päev tagasi
Getting ratioed because you slowed down all the RIPTIDE BLUE. Lol
NicholasZED 23 päeva tagasi
When your looking to sell hit me up...love your you-tube channel!
Joseph Peoples
Joseph Peoples 23 päeva tagasi
This is my absolute dream car. I like how it looks aggressive, but also a luxury SUV.
Jessie Sanchez
Jessie Sanchez 23 päeva tagasi
I believe the 2002 escalade will be a classic. First because it was the introduction of 2nd gen. The interior on 2002 very different from the rest. The onstar and other options are in the middle of the dashboard. And the center console has an opening that opens with a click. to put your phone papers etc at the very top and then closes. Even the instrumental cluster very different. Has the cassette stereo and six cd changer. The stereo will say bose. The back has the bench seat. And only that year has the particular bench seat with a nice big fold in the middle. Opens from the middle as arm rest and it folds down and back up into the seat which holds another passenger.. It holds headphones In that middle part which has a compartment type thing.. The bench seat folds creating an even flat bed for whatever you might needed. If you remove the 3 rd row. And fold the second row that's a flat bed. Even the steering wheel has more wood grain looks very different than all others. The cadillac signature in the passenger side on the dashboard near the front windshield. The ac heat controls are very different than other years. The whole dashboard is slightly different than all others. And the 2002 has a 5 out of 5 stars. Correct me if I'm wrong. All wheel drive stabilitrack all that extra. Sun roof and all that. Now the fact that this is the very original one from this generation. 2022 will be 20 years. The side mirrors have no signal flashing on them. But the are heated as the seats. And fold. Google 2002 escalade and see the interior. The reason I am saying this is because I been inside of all 2nd gen models. Same body style different features. 2002 passenger door has certain options to customize for its driver 1 or 2.even the 6.0 engine vortec has a different look.
Jessie Sanchez
Jessie Sanchez 23 päeva tagasi
I have a clean white pearl 2002 escalade. 190,000
Jessie Sanchez
Jessie Sanchez 23 päeva tagasi
2002 escalade is my favorite. My favorite from the 2nd gen. 2002 also white pearl. 6.0 the regular suv. Not the long one.
The Crock
The Crock 23 päeva tagasi
They should have made a biarritz version like the eldo
R LL 24 päeva tagasi
That “riptide blue” crap was really annoying. Hoovie, don’t do that shit!
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 25 päeva tagasi
That…. Car should damn near be in a museum Tyler… please be gentle to this mighty beast…
Nick Dalesio
Nick Dalesio 26 päeva tagasi
Love this channel but this was too annoying to watch. Not cool.
nick amalfitano
nick amalfitano 26 päeva tagasi
Did Zach Snyder direct this video? Sooooo muuuuch sloooooomo
Frankie B
Frankie B 26 päeva tagasi
If all the cars from mtv cribs could be in one garage... Hoovies garage
Flash_BeeZy 26 päeva tagasi
My parents bought one in 05, still have it and it’s got about 200k on it now. It’s beat though my dad is horrible with vehicles lol.
Alexander Capuano
Alexander Capuano 27 päeva tagasi
Love this video
Caleb Harcus-Collins
Caleb Harcus-Collins 27 päeva tagasi
Could somebody kindly provide me the meme context for ripTIdE BluE
Brent Pearcy
Brent Pearcy 27 päeva tagasi
Obviously....Escalade thieves were watching this video and gave it the thumbs down. I gave you a thumbs up for calling them out.
wolf j711
wolf j711 27 päeva tagasi
I had a Silverado that was the same color. One of the best colors GM ever had.
Police 428
Police 428 27 päeva tagasi
I currently own a 2004 GMC Yukon SLT. I bought it for 1500 dollars from the 2nd owner. I love it to death, the L59 5.3 is a dream and it’s so comfy! I drove to the Carolinas and I got no back issues, it felt like a cloud! If you can get a well equipped Yukon or Escalade of this era, it is a GEM!
Eric Strassburger
Eric Strassburger 28 päeva tagasi
This is the kind of video that made me watch and subscribe to Hoovies channel . Keep up the good work !!!!
Thomas 28 päeva tagasi
Your left daytime running light is out, better call The Wizard. All the used ones I see listed, they always fail to show close photos of seats to hide the cracked leather. Seems they used the same leather and seats as a Suburban or C1500 series.
Thomas 28 päeva tagasi
I didn't have the urge to want one. The typical GMEngineering of rebadging a Chevrolet Suburban and reminds me of the Chevrolet Cavalier-Cadillac Cimorran. That car seat will ruin that leather, best get a seat cover.
Craig Morgan
Craig Morgan 28 päeva tagasi
This a sheet car,wot a load of rubbish.Gangsta car of the 90s.Thats probably y no one likes them 🤔🤔🤔🤔👎👎
labigq 28 päeva tagasi
It still looks good. Caddy should bring the wreath on their logo.
Luke Kerkhan
Luke Kerkhan 28 päeva tagasi
I work for my family’s salvage yard, we got in a very well taken care of, and surprisingly clean Escalade with 375k miles. Sold it for 1500, and as of a few months ago the new owner is still daily driving it. All it really needed was wheel bearings which he replaced. Ran perfect. 380k and counting...
Neil .Connolly
Neil .Connolly 29 päeva tagasi
A video with out Car Wizard or breaking down ???? BORING BORING BORING ... It need smoke coming out the back
John Martinez
John Martinez 29 päeva tagasi
What an amazing find! I have been looking for that same model for over five years but can never find one in that condition. You are so lucky!!!!
Scrambler 41
Scrambler 41 29 päeva tagasi
Stuff Around The House
Stuff Around The House 29 päeva tagasi
Why would people hate this video? It's classic Hoovie!
Gullygwop 29 päeva tagasi
Best escalade ever made!!!!
Al T
Al T 29 päeva tagasi
most disliked video ever .......
Alan Deacon
Alan Deacon 29 päeva tagasi
Terrible hurts your eyes
cflwhat 29 päeva tagasi
Marc B.
Marc B. 29 päeva tagasi
Only thing great about that truck IS the color! Since 99% r black, silver,white. Ugh!!
Rob Anthony
Rob Anthony 29 päeva tagasi
oh dear...
Steven Major
Steven Major 29 päeva tagasi
Hoovie said this is the vid with the most dislikes. Can't think why. Caaaaaaaaaant thiiiiiiiiiiink whyyyyyyyyy
shawnerz98 29 päeva tagasi
Overly annoying things Hoovie has done: 1: Interrupted Johnny as he's trying to work/concentrate on a repair. 2: Overly shined the light in Wizard's eyes. 3: Riptide Blue.
tommy castagna
tommy castagna 29 päeva tagasi
you missed a riptide blue
Chad 29 päeva tagasi
This video is not on brand, it’s actually creepy af..you have a weird obsession with this Yukon and Riptide Blue that is not relatable..I passed 30 seconds in the 1st time but came back after watching the Sprite video..let’s all just move on
Chimer Clark
Chimer Clark Місяць tagasi
The slow-mo riptide blue was worse than fingernails across a chalkboard. Please do not repeat it. I will sometimes rewatch your episodes, this one I will skip for all eternity.
Blake'sworld!! Місяць tagasi
Umm excuse me tyler you have a head light out lol sad I work for autozone so of course that's the first thing I notice haha
Greg Droder
Greg Droder Місяць tagasi
I LOVE RIPTIDE BLUE! EPIC!!!!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊
RockForMusic Місяць tagasi
I want it.....how much ?
jackcab757 Місяць tagasi
I'm looking at your new video of your little Austin Healey and I enjoyed the riptide blue Escalade it is a nice color
Wade Crawford
Wade Crawford Місяць tagasi
Scanning for Mexicans… IVE FOUND A MEXICAN
Peter Torda
Peter Torda Місяць tagasi
To be honest, this dashboard look like something from 80's with retrofitted DVD radio. If we take only SUV competition from that time (2005), VW Touareg, BMW X5, Audi Q7, or Mercedes GL, or Range Rover Vogue, they looks in compare of this, like something from future.
Max Ivy
Max Ivy Місяць tagasi
Can’t be said enough: that RIPTIDE BLUE slowmo was annoying as hell.
Tom Craft Donkey
Tom Craft Donkey 29 päeva tagasi
Man you guys are lame
sloth011 29 päeva tagasi
@petter derter snowflake
petter derter
petter derter 29 päeva tagasi
and he wondered why his video has the most dislikes and he said i dont know why he prob thought it would be funny buts its not and am sure someone gave him the idea but then again its hoovie
Impslap Місяць tagasi
Absolute gem of a vehicle. I agree, few cars have the influence on popular culture like this model did.
Tom Budde
Tom Budde Місяць tagasi
I loved this video and I loved the Riptide Blue segments. It just was a good laugh!! Not sure why others did not like it.
Samuel Plavidal
Samuel Plavidal 28 päeva tagasi
I liked it too.
Ross Clayton
Ross Clayton Місяць tagasi
Brennan Місяць tagasi
FAST Food Pit Stops
FAST Food Pit Stops Місяць tagasi
It's nice...but I like the 3rd Gen Escalade much better...it's why I still have mine...on 28's of course ;)
Aaron T. Murphy
Aaron T. Murphy Місяць tagasi
Listen, if you want a project, I’ve got you a ‘02 InfraRed with 226k and a host of electrical gremlins and two missing body parts. Tons of work since I bought it, but still very much a Hooptie™️. Wanna trade? Lmao
Reviews ‘n’ things
Reviews ‘n’ things Місяць tagasi
Is the screen factory or is that aftermarket because I thought that they started making them with a screen option for the 2007
Michael Calbi
Michael Calbi Місяць tagasi
but would it ride better with the gmt 400 wheels?
Daniel Cardenas
Daniel Cardenas Місяць tagasi
My 2003 ESV 6.0 177k running absolutely great. You hit it on the nail on the seats and everything else on the comfort. I take care of it like it just got it off the showroom floor and it doesn't dissapoint in the street.
David Kelm
David Kelm Місяць tagasi
Got cars ? No problem
Husko Bar
Husko Bar Місяць tagasi
That color is ACTUALLY called "Aqua-Blur" as it was used on the SSR.
YamislayerX Місяць tagasi
Next buy a g55 6x6
RS Accounts
RS Accounts Місяць tagasi
Tried to email you but it keeps bouncing!
lawyerpan Місяць tagasi
Was that Brian Culbertson in the background?
Josh Jessup
Josh Jessup Місяць tagasi
My wife drives a 2005 Escalade SWB w/56k original Miles in MINT condition. It's lived it's whole life garaged in a gated community performing soccer mom duty. I know what you mean about those seats - So comfy!
anon Місяць tagasi
I think the current generation Navigator is the spiritual successor to this in terms of classic American Luxury.
Literally Shaking
Literally Shaking Місяць tagasi
r i p t i d e b l u e
adam israel
adam israel Місяць tagasi
Man Tyler can u tell me the name of the beat u using
Brad Patrick
Brad Patrick Місяць tagasi
He's all wrong about ride quality, these most recent two generations have almost luxury sedan level ride quality. Cadillac significantly improved the ride technology in these latest generations. Also the latest Escalade OEM Bridgstone Alenza's have improved significantly in ride of their 22's, much softer now, than the old truck tires.The Platinum's also have seat massage function and a very large range of seat adjustment options, though not as sofa deep as those old Caddies.
Noah Flores
Noah Flores Місяць tagasi
I love my 04 gmt 800
Steve Keate
Steve Keate Місяць tagasi
Eeeewwww. It looks hideous, guzzles even more gas than a Bentley or Rolls Royce, accerates like a slug towing a trailer uphill into a headwind, handles like turds, doesn't stop. It's like what would happen if Swarovsky made a special edition Fiat Multipla. Must be an American thing.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Місяць tagasi
OK, the "Riptide Blue" thing, ANNOYING!
sv650rider Місяць tagasi
"Rip Tide Blue... In The Rear"
John Bean
John Bean Місяць tagasi
I have the same exact Escalade. Always get asked around what color it is and I can never answer... until now lol. Definitely a head turner
2013 HW Camaro
2013 HW Camaro 29 päeva tagasi
Will you be saying it in slo-mo too?
Gene Lillie
Gene Lillie Місяць tagasi
What a beautiful example. I have an 05 that the chicago winters has taken it's toll on the body. Still a great SUV but not much to look at
Dick Brown
Dick Brown Місяць tagasi
Funky riptide blue
Adam e
Adam e Місяць tagasi
Hoovie looks like he won the lottery 15 years ago
Tahoe Joe
Tahoe Joe Місяць tagasi
Love my 05 and my 07 I even had a 2019 Escalade for Cadillac roadside assistance when I worked for Waldorf Chevy Cadillac
cooper8318 Місяць tagasi
That really is a fine example!
Gmoney Місяць tagasi
I’ve fell in love with the second generation Escalade in 2004! I had a 2007, now have a 2010! Now I want a 2021! 😎👍🏾🥰🤟🏾
Austin Major
Austin Major Місяць tagasi
I have a black Escalade with 17s
Brian Місяць tagasi
I haven't watched him in a while. He has a professional film crew now?
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