My Maybach 57 might be UNFIXABLE! Back for more repairs! 

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Adrian Rowden
Adrian Rowden 6 tundi tagasi
Frog eyed Sprite...
Tommy Madux
Tommy Madux Päev tagasi
As the car also proves that the size Of the motor isn’t Everything when it comes to cars. Some of the most fun cars I have ever driven had had small motors. Like a old late 70 Or early 80 ford festiva with a full race set up and race more and a Honda 600 are two that come to mind. Both cars had less then 2 liter motors. Yet the most fun to drive and race around. Just like a go cart on NOS
Tommy Madux
Tommy Madux Päev tagasi
I like that blue color cadi. I like the darker more electric blue better but I also like that blue.
Fredrik Jansson
Fredrik Jansson 2 päeva tagasi
One thing to note to all: Buying spare parts for the baltics (Latvia, Estonia and Lituania) due to they are the cheapest is not the best move. Here in Sweden (with other countries) we have huge issues with theft of car parts. It's often common that these professional thefts are based in the baltics (according to police and prior convictions). So please consider to choose a certain trusted dealer (perhaps not from baltics) whom have clear creditials (i.e don't do as hoovie did in this video) for the panel.
Harish Krovvidi
Harish Krovvidi 6 päeva tagasi
Easiest solution for all these german engine problems swap it in with a 2JZ or K25 😆 🤣
repp weidner
repp weidner 6 päeva tagasi
daniel gustavsson
daniel gustavsson 6 päeva tagasi
If i had a countach i would love to do a cannonball tribute
jpinvestcebu 8 päeva tagasi
That Escalade's paint job screams Pontiac and is hideous, that's why all the dislikes lol.
Parker Stephens
Parker Stephens 9 päeva tagasi
When you said the color of the Escalade you sounded like Doug demiro
Darryn Pittman
Darryn Pittman 9 päeva tagasi
Random but im glad you own all these cars, you deserve them, or maybe they deserve you either way I like the channel
Jon 10 päeva tagasi
Drop the Maybach 57 from a very tall crane . . . the EEfrom views should net you a profit
bkw 11 päeva tagasi
Not sure, but this video and the last Maybach video, I didn't see the doors soft close. Is wizard going to fix that?
T.K. Murphy
T.K. Murphy 11 päeva tagasi
I would love to have the Maybach!
odesseus 12 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who keeps thinking Hoovie is saying "Urination Bob"?
рокај снимај
рокај снимај 13 päeva tagasi
Alternator volt module is what destroyed your stereo. Voltage drops from time to time and system automatically turn off some functions. Change alternator, and it's not gonna be baytery drainage. Don't ask me how I know this lol
Gregory Dornseif
Gregory Dornseif 13 päeva tagasi
I love the Escalade. Growing up in the early 2000s it was THE ‘gotta have it’ car.
Jim Da
Jim Da 14 päeva tagasi
Back in the 70s my cousin took a 400 horsepower V6 from a Quarter Midget and put it in one of these. 15 in wide rear tires. The car could literally leap across a crosswalk from a standstill. The car could also kill you in about 2.6 seconds.
Alfisti Ribelli
Alfisti Ribelli 14 päeva tagasi
Please make a video with the Alfa 164 pleeeeeaassseeeee
Paul J
Paul J 14 päeva tagasi
of course urination bob's car is yellow
kerbside motors
kerbside motors 14 päeva tagasi
facet pump electronic version
The Flat Rock
The Flat Rock 15 päeva tagasi
My 280C had crank windows
The Flat Rock
The Flat Rock 15 päeva tagasi
Where does Hoovie get his $$. From EEfrom???
The Flat Rock
The Flat Rock 15 päeva tagasi
Im amazed Wizard isn’t overwhelmed with all those vehicles in his shop. Months or more of work
The Flat Rock
The Flat Rock 15 päeva tagasi
Salvage cars = crusher cars
mahno730 15 päeva tagasi
There are people who always fix their cars. Where they getting this junk.
Ryan Yount
Ryan Yount 15 päeva tagasi
Who is urination bob!?
Ryan 16 päeva tagasi
Maaaaan!! @hooviesgarage I would LOVE to drive out to wizards and knock a bunch of that glass work out for you! I’m probably one of the few guys in Wichita that have actually done windshield work on a Maybach…they’re…well….interesting. But they are fun at least lol
Pavel Ivanov
Pavel Ivanov 16 päeva tagasi
Братае Хуви. Ты купил Майбах, это крутая тачка, не лоховская. И она будет требовать крутых денег, вложений. Ты купил супер кар и думаешь, все, купил за копейку и тепепь буду владеть ей за копейки, да хрена с два!
Matt 16 päeva tagasi
Bob definitely saw you coming and was setting the Sprites price high to sell at the standard rate and calling it a discount. I see sprites go for as little as 18K on the east coast.
Vincent Vader
Vincent Vader 16 päeva tagasi
They're called endless money pits for a reason.
Rad Ainley
Rad Ainley 16 päeva tagasi
Before spending $300 on an electric pump, try fitting aluminium heat shield between the carbs and the exhaust. That oil leak at the rear. It's likely to be the rear oil seal, or the lack of one. These engines have a scroll seal which pumps the oil back into the engine. These wear over time and leak. You are likely to need one of these. www.moss-europe.co.uk/crankshaft-oil-seal-conversion-kits.html
Lord Inter
Lord Inter 17 päeva tagasi
that's a little Healey, good look on a big Healey, the 3000, they're £50K+ with a 3ltr (2.9) straight 6 :)
Rad Ainley
Rad Ainley 17 päeva tagasi
Of course it's leaking oil. It's a BMC A series engine. Oil leaks were standard from new.
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders 17 päeva tagasi
Is ir Euronation Bob, or Urination Bob? It's anAustin - the oil is ALWAYS on the outside if the engine, and the handbook says to reolace big-end bearings every 10,000 miles, Probably because the oil isn't inside the engine. Ahhh, good old British engineering. Enjoy the thing.
kingkobra 17 päeva tagasi
Riptide blue is one of my favorite colors also that blue-green color changing on the Tahoe
John Buchanan
John Buchanan 17 päeva tagasi
$100 to replace a valve cover gasket? 🐂💩
Wes Jones
Wes Jones 18 päeva tagasi
That’s a beautiful rip tide blue cadi IMO
Dean Mormino
Dean Mormino 18 päeva tagasi
Are you saying "Urination Bob?" Honestly love your channel and this is the first time I literally cannot understand what you said.
Milano 18 päeva tagasi
Omg is that a riptide blue escalade 😱
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver 18 päeva tagasi
Riptide BLOO
n300zx931 20 päeva tagasi
And Escalade is one of those vehicles that is only nice when it’s brand new. Older Escalade’s are just awful.
lloydrmc 20 päeva tagasi
Vapor locking isn't caused by "heat from the atmosphere"
OfficialEpic222 20 päeva tagasi
We disliked your Escalade video because we wanted one and your video will single handedly shoot the price of them up, thanks for that.
Joebiz24 20 päeva tagasi
Hoovie's brain is vapor-locked........
Geraldo Orosz
Geraldo Orosz 20 päeva tagasi
Wizard. Don't buy, adopt!
Hudson Donnell
Hudson Donnell 20 päeva tagasi
Hand all of your money over to the Wizard.
Peter van der Maas
Peter van der Maas 20 päeva tagasi
I believe the Frog Eye Sprite is the same car that featured in a Top Gear challenge back in 2005 or 2006. They raced it in a hill climb against a Peugeot 306 that was “modified”, though mostly cosmetic. I believe the Frog Eye won that race. I’m amazed it won with just 44 hp.
Blogen Geezer
Blogen Geezer 20 päeva tagasi
Wagoneer.. Wagon Master, Kerville Texas, specializes in Wagoneers. Full restorations listed.. Over $50k for many of them..;}
Sweet house
Sweet house 20 päeva tagasi
Was about to unlike until he finally decided not to say anymore that hideous color name
Jacques Sevag Bedrossian
Jacques Sevag Bedrossian 20 päeva tagasi
John Bishop
John Bishop 20 päeva tagasi
The rear springs are quarter elliptical and the shock absorbers are lever arm . Do away with the carb trumpets and fit a proper air filter to it, keep the crud out of the engine.
D. C.
D. C. 21 päev tagasi
One positive on the Maybach is you could sell the wood out of the interior to a bespoke fountain pen maker and probably get enough cash to pay for the Sprite repairs...
Frank Howard
Frank Howard 21 päev tagasi
11:20. The heater was an option. Many buyers in the south didn't check that box.
Donk 21 päev tagasi
Insulate the carbs from the cylinder head Hoovie, common problem with carbs on old vehicles are insulating gaskets that go missing.
FlashTV 22 päeva tagasi
What´s the story on that white Alfa Romeo 164?
Adam Ski [Kijowski]
Adam Ski [Kijowski] 22 päeva tagasi
Wizard.the electric pump will help but will not solve. You need a choked/restricted return line back to the tank or as a minimum a local bleed but that's dangerous.
Arne Malmkvist
Arne Malmkvist 22 päeva tagasi
All your cars need Wizard , then you can drive them safty 😉
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 23 päeva tagasi
I liked the Escalade vid.👍
K B 23 päeva tagasi
hoovie: i fixed a car! wizard: 😐
Sam Ferraro
Sam Ferraro 23 päeva tagasi
I have loved your Videos for years … I never really comment on EEfrom videos but I will like every video from now on until I stop watching if you never mention that stupid ass color of your Escalade 🤢🤮
wgn wheels
wgn wheels 23 päeva tagasi
I had 3 minis as my first cars, real minis NOT German ones so same engine probebly.oil leaks came standard crap Lucas electrics but I loved them.
moonshinefuel 23 päeva tagasi
sell the maybach to samcrac
DJL Cyber
DJL Cyber 23 päeva tagasi
Simple fix: Just get a Lexus.
OKLAoverland 23 päeva tagasi
I'm disappointed you didn't slow motion the Riptide Blue... lol
Mark Daly
Mark Daly 23 päeva tagasi
Hillbillymark here- do a conversion from another type of car
SHΔRΩΠ 23 päeva tagasi
It’s not a Bug eye, it’s called a Frog Eye’d Sprite. You Americans make me laugh, it’s frog eye’d Sprite not Bug eye’d lol. It’s British and we call it Frog eye …………
Matty B
Matty B 23 päeva tagasi
dont say it EVER AGAAIN!!
Brian Titchener
Brian Titchener 23 päeva tagasi
On the Sprite, keep those SU carbs topped-up with a little oil or it will conk out and not start.
Tom Pontin
Tom Pontin 23 päeva tagasi
How does the Bug-eye compare to the Beck?
Daniel Boreham
Daniel Boreham 23 päeva tagasi
I thought they called it a frog eye sprite?
Operation Pinebox
Operation Pinebox 23 päeva tagasi
seems like all this guy does is whine in Jerry Seinfeld cadence.
Stetson Vestal
Stetson Vestal 24 päeva tagasi
If I ever make this much money, I'd probably end up losing my happiness very quickly. This is still very cool though. 2 big thumbs up.
Max Power
Max Power 24 päeva tagasi
Why would anyone dislike these videos?
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf 24 päeva tagasi
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf 24 päeva tagasi
Seriously? People did not enjoy the Riptide Blue Escalade video? Nitwits Please utter the slow -sound riptide blue voice. That sh1t was you tube gold!
Lobster Boy
Lobster Boy 24 päeva tagasi
I still think you sound like Jeff Goldblum.
matthew jones
matthew jones 24 päeva tagasi
My wife says the way you say countach makes it sound like a dirty word
Pete’s Carport
Pete’s Carport 24 päeva tagasi
Healey’s are easy to fix. I love my 63 sprite
Fattony6666 24 päeva tagasi
who tf is urination bob?
vourkosdude 24 päeva tagasi
Alfa 164? wow, I used to see them all the time here in Europe, now they gone. Usualy with the famous 3lt v6 Busso engine. Sounding absolutely crazy for a big-ish saloon.
MAN_ON_WHEELZ 24 päeva tagasi
Not Jason Blooey
Not Jason Blooey 24 päeva tagasi
Wait, people hate the riptide blue?
d gladyz
d gladyz 24 päeva tagasi
Floppy Tain
Floppy Tain 24 päeva tagasi
BTW the Mercedes >> send it to me ,, Netherlands :)
Floppy Tain
Floppy Tain 24 päeva tagasi
Man I wish I could work for CarWizard,, seems a very nice boss and and very cool workplace.
Pe Ter
Pe Ter 24 päeva tagasi
It’s a frog eyed sprite not bug eyed it’s British so am I so I have bit more of a clue
Beige Manalishi
Beige Manalishi 24 päeva tagasi
The Frogeye needs the asbestos heat shields for the carbs fitting - they are missing hence exhaust heat boiling the fuel.
Sterling Michaels
Sterling Michaels 24 päeva tagasi
No worries, just a bunch of basement dwellers in their parents' home with no desire to do anything worthwhile and are jealous of anyone whom they THINK that they can hold a false air of superiority over, and, Sadly, in their delusion - YOU were their victim. But you could hold a contest for these Bottom Dwellers and offer a prize of free vitamin D shots or a year's supply of Chugg Milk to make up for the shortages of minerals that escape their melatonin and primarily their brains.
97JoMiller 25 päeva tagasi
if a mechanic game me a 900 dollar bill, I'd do more than bat an eye, I'd flip the F out... must be nice to be well off.
Courtney Ricks
Courtney Ricks 25 päeva tagasi
I like the Caddy
David Kelm
David Kelm 25 päeva tagasi
Tyler I always hit the like button 👌
Dan M
Dan M 25 päeva tagasi
Tyler who is urination Bob? :)
Joakim Quensel
Joakim Quensel 25 päeva tagasi
There is no coupe or convertible version of the W108 Mercedes S-Class. The 280SE coupe/cabriolet is based on the W111 fintail sedan.
Brian Titchener
Brian Titchener 25 päeva tagasi
A "bug-eyed" Sprite is actually known as a "frog-eyed" Sprite over here on this side of the Pond where it was made. Makes a Miata seem like a Rolls Royce.
Dave 25 päeva tagasi
Frog eye sprite in Britain 👍
spdodger 25 päeva tagasi
"Look at this tiny little shaft it has..."
marrerful 25 päeva tagasi
$250 labour to change the rocker cover gasket he’s taking the piss 20 minute job if that. No wonder he’s buying boats he could afford a 100 ft ocean going yacht like Jason Belfort in The Wolf of Wall St…
Ryan Davison
Ryan Davison 25 päeva tagasi
Urination Bob!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 25 päeva tagasi
That's the first time I've ever heard someone claim a windshield and tires are "cosmetic items" and I'm in the car business.
Luminiferous Aether
Luminiferous Aether 25 päeva tagasi
I for one would like to see the A-series engine specialist David Vizard breathe on that little Sprite engine to get the most out of it and improve reliability and longevity. There isn’t anything he doesn’t know about them.