Here's why you should NEVER EVER buy a Mercedes SLR McLaren (Especially Paris Hilton's) 

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joey Kayongo
joey Kayongo Päev tagasi
flashbacks to Clarksons albanian mulsanne
Nikola Gnjatic
Nikola Gnjatic Päev tagasi
I never seen a diesel slr its the most reliable
matty P
matty P 5 päeva tagasi
Did they put coolant in the oil
Артур Алиев
Артур Алиев 5 päeva tagasi
Best car
Mike Hudson
Mike Hudson 6 päeva tagasi
Cosby rapes less than that shop. All that wear and tear in 20,000 miles? $1200 batteries is pure rape.
Fluterra 6 päeva tagasi
You’re getting HOSED here. Go to another shop.
Fluterra 6 päeva tagasi
Why would you do an “A Service”? SUCH a waste of money. You are literally paying someone to check if your horn works. Just do the fluids, as necessary. SO.STUPID.
Visionery1 6 päeva tagasi
0:44, to be honest, the W123 is the better car, with the spare change one can buy property. Depreciating money pits are never a good investment.
Super Straight HHWhite guy
Was that battery $1300 ?
D 12
D 12 7 päeva tagasi
How much do they charge to get the crotch crickets out of the seats? Lol
Shwa 8 päeva tagasi
This is likely the most iconic SLR in existence, bimbo summit is a significant piece of early 00s pop culture history. 180k is an absolute steal for the investment alone.
the not average zoomer (I guess)
180k .... just a reminder that 18 grand for a car is my absolute limitations
J P 10 päeva tagasi
What happens when you combine the two most unreliable manufactures on the planet, to collude on a car? You get a 35 K bill for a normal service at only 21 K miles.
Scott H
Scott H 11 päeva tagasi
**Sponsored by Manny Khoshbin**
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 12 päeva tagasi
Manny Khoshbin doesn't like the title of this video
Oscar Wilson Hughes
Oscar Wilson Hughes 12 päeva tagasi
Hoovie loved hearing the cost of these repairs.
Razvan Andrei Paramon
Razvan Andrei Paramon 13 päeva tagasi
SLR being hard to sell is an understatement, I added to favorites an SLR about 2 years ago and guess what... the add is still on 🥲
Pierre chuckle
Pierre chuckle 14 päeva tagasi
You killed by dreams of my dream car and I still love your channel. I really did want that car so nice. 😭😭😭😭😭
alphatrion100 14 päeva tagasi
It looks horribly dated on the inside
R D 15 päeva tagasi
At least, you can say; This car was once occupied by 3 girls not wearing panties....
Jonny Doe
Jonny Doe 15 päeva tagasi
its free EEfrom money. lets stop with the sticker shock.
Baba Booey
Baba Booey 17 päeva tagasi
Perhaps Ed could do the same 'accidental' legs out peek-a-boo with some flimsy gym shorts thing. Just for laughs.
Mohammad Heydari
Mohammad Heydari 17 päeva tagasi
Q: How to boost your imagination? A: What h this video 😆
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson 18 päeva tagasi
omg, that sunshade!
sardis12 videos
sardis12 videos 18 päeva tagasi
My '88 560sl looks better than either of those and my service costs last year were about $450. And there are people starving in the world.
Cliqboom 18 päeva tagasi
Damn, that is a sexy AMG
Rich B
Rich B 18 päeva tagasi
Wow talk about rip off for parts and a service. Only people with no common sense pay those prices. Specialists are far cheaper and do as good a job. Most manufacturers at least double the cost of parts as most are made for them and not by them.
MMonroe 19 päeva tagasi
The Car Wizard has you bent over a barrel! It must hurt! But the Car Wizard needs a new Yacht and we all know what the Car Wizard wants the Car Wizard gets...😂
Brian Hurry
Brian Hurry 19 päeva tagasi
Why do people keep saying the SLR is a super car I suppose it subjective but in my opinion it's definitely not I repeat not a supercar in any way shape or form
giorgio tommasini
giorgio tommasini 19 päeva tagasi
neither having all the money of this world I would ever buy a "Breaklaren"...
Frank Farago
Frank Farago 19 päeva tagasi
This is indeed great luxury sport car -- provided you are no taller than 5 foot 4 inches and weight no more than 100 pounds. Otherwise, you need to get out of the grotesquely overpriced subcompact territory.
Frank Farago
Frank Farago 19 päeva tagasi
I would not give 2 red cents and half an apple for either of these claustrophobic, subcompact size interior money-traps. It's not even worth it for bragging right, and you would get so much behind-your-back ridicule and catcalls.
P1LYP 19 päeva tagasi
The SLS looks awful in white
LOUIS LAZARUS 19 päeva tagasi
Ah, it's only money. Spend the $34k and you'll be good to go for the next 15 minutes. Where "they" got the term SUPER car is beyond me! You can look up the definition and it means "very good or pleasant". I just don't know what is very good or pleasant about a car like this. In the real world, where 99.99% of live, we look at people driving these IDIOT CARS and just shake our heads at their stupidity. Stupid people, you know....those are the people who fall for the term "German Engineering." I rest my case. Now, if the damn thing could fly...that would be another story indeed.
Hein 20 päeva tagasi
SLR hard to sell? Just give Manny a call 😂
Nick Hannaford
Nick Hannaford 21 päev tagasi
DeLorean owner feeling smug about the cost of a door strut😱
Alexander Martinsson
Alexander Martinsson 21 päev tagasi
Is the SLS cheap in service? I have an old 300SL-24 R129 and it's draining my wallet!
VAN DANG 22 päeva tagasi
Which super expensive Mercedes to buy??? Sounds like rich people's problem....
afterburn2600 22 päeva tagasi
Any other car nerds wondering what "A Service" means exactly? I wondered and unfortunately, Google seems to think "A Service" is the same as "a service". As in, "We brought the car in for a service." Useless. I've been into cars my whole life and owned them for over 20 years at this point so not sure how I don't know this.
Dumbian 22 päeva tagasi
Well you know you’re beeing ripped off when they charge 150 for wiper blades and 100 for a fuel cap tether. What the hell....
G3M3R4 23 päeva tagasi
Meanwhile......Manny Khoshbin buys his 7th and 8th SLR, and he's mentioned he might get the 9th and 10th too
Mr Realism
Mr Realism 23 päeva tagasi
Manny Khosbin has 8 of em
Gerardo Urvina
Gerardo Urvina 23 päeva tagasi
Manny Koshbin been buying those like nothing
asambi69 24 päeva tagasi
If I ever make it big I will be buying an SLR for sure.
Michael Szmania
Michael Szmania 24 päeva tagasi
Get enough done to get the inspection and get out of there. Take it to Scotty Kilmer.
ANDY VAN KERKHOVE 24 päeva tagasi
wit all the hype around Spears... he just hit the jackpot....
Nick Aschenbecker
Nick Aschenbecker 25 päeva tagasi
Bao Bo
Bao Bo 25 päeva tagasi
Could not listen for more than three minutes. Did he ever get to the point?
RΛINDΛNCE 25 päeva tagasi
Sure, I'll think about that. Now where's my money...
Hysandel 26 päeva tagasi
Why you should never ever buy an SLR Manny Khoshbin: Am I a joke to you?
WolfeAdventures 26 päeva tagasi
No taking this one to the Wizard..
i_ 7unny
i_ 7unny 27 päeva tagasi
did anyone notice the rickroll at the end-
Anthony de Shong
Anthony de Shong 27 päeva tagasi
mythology buster
mythology buster 27 päeva tagasi
You know too much about meaningless celebrity crap also you didn't get arrested for a errant coke vial lol
Iggs Wanna
Iggs Wanna 27 päeva tagasi
manny Koshbin - i bought my 8th SLR mclaren This video - ayoooo
Todd Merrell
Todd Merrell 27 päeva tagasi
"Mid 2000's car?" This is a new car to me. The last time I was in a Mercedes showroom they had one of these, new, for sale. It was awe inspiring, but my friend's late eighties Mercedes' A/C needed repair - that's why we were there in the first place - and it was over 5K. Over $5,000 to repair the air conditioning in a late eighties, garden variety Mercedes. In 2006. This is why I would never buy one.
pvillaluna1 28 päeva tagasi
This car is stunning! very special, great find 👌🍾🥂
Kenny G
Kenny G 29 päeva tagasi
Don't tell Manny khoshbin. He just got his 7th and 8th ones delivered today.
Vicitus23 29 päeva tagasi
Sabine Schmitz (The late Nürburgring queen) said, that the SLR sucks.
Scott 29 päeva tagasi
its good to hear Ed not using the voice tuner to add bass to his voice. His voice is already deep, so its weird he does that on VinWiki videos.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 29 päeva tagasi
Did they include the costs for detailing? I imagine removing all the stains of semen and failure must have been fairly expensive?
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 29 päeva tagasi
saweet slr in lake park , fl for 400k check cargurus
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 29 päeva tagasi
when ya go in for an oil change and they find $34,000 worth of needed repairs-roflmao
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes Місяць tagasi
Meanwhile, multi millionaire Manny Koshbin has like 6 of them lol
Abdul Sufan
Abdul Sufan Місяць tagasi
1200 for a brake flush??? I'm getting my f30 320d m sport brake flushed from bmw dealers here in the u.k. its 80 dollars.
Plausible Quotes
Plausible Quotes Місяць tagasi
When the last time we saw one of these videos, he was looking at a new house. We see he has a new house. Wow.
robert woodliff
robert woodliff Місяць tagasi
I like the colour combination.....pewter, tan & green backs.
robert woodliff
robert woodliff Місяць tagasi
Hay, do Dacia get to the US.? You can get a whole estate car, new, for less than £10k..Be good to see turning up to $34k service in a £10k car.
Cityzens Місяць tagasi
German cars are overhyped and overpriced. I had loads of trouble with mine, never again.
Jimmy Octane
Jimmy Octane Місяць tagasi
The video actually starts at 7:38 Too much fluff 😒
TJG239 Місяць tagasi
the SLS and SLR are both great cars for different reasons. The SLR is a leagues above in terms of engineering design and the costs reflect it. Still today nothing makes that bassy rumble like the SLR's m113k engine with the massive intake plenum and side exit exhausts. SLRs are very reliable btw, just not cheap to fix. Watch the harry's garage MSO SLR roadtrip!
Forgiato Місяць tagasi
The enthusiastic theory acromegaly add because grain resultantly tremble excluding a tacit repair. absorbed, malicious drum
Big Underdog
Big Underdog Місяць tagasi
He's related to Daniel tosh
Michael Ramey
Michael Ramey Місяць tagasi
I just finished season 1 on car issues. Is there going to be a season 2? I hope so. I thought it was great!
Wisam A
Wisam A Місяць tagasi
lmao at the driveway montage
Benjamin Trow
Benjamin Trow Місяць tagasi
I work at that rbm and was there that day!
Dylan Coulter
Dylan Coulter Місяць tagasi
If I ever become rich the sls is the first car I’d buy 🙏🏻
Merica Freedomland
Merica Freedomland Місяць tagasi
Manny Koshbin has i believe 7 slrs he has to know some tricks haha
Andrew Orth
Andrew Orth Місяць tagasi
The overlay pictures are hilarious 😂
Andrew Orth
Andrew Orth Місяць tagasi
If I'm honest, neither of them are very good looking
Steve Bullit
Steve Bullit Місяць tagasi
The kitchen cabinets not only in an official but a SLR-qualified Mercedes-Benz Workshop are ridiculous.
Sam Heine
Sam Heine Місяць tagasi
Just get a Toyota
John Cheves
John Cheves Місяць tagasi
It's pretty sad when for maintenance reasons, you're glad you bought a Lotus, instead of a Mercedes. Ed will pay $5000 more in repairs on his SLR McLaren than I paid for my Lotus Exige. In 4 years I've spent right at $6000 on repairs, including a new transaxle, tires, coilovers, suspension rebuild, HID / LED headlights, etc. And I've put a shit-ton more mileage on mine. (It has 98K miles). Admittedly, I've done all the work myself, so there's very little labor cost in that $6000. Still, most mechanical parts for the Lotus are ridiculously cheap. The SLR is an incredible car, but for me, maintenance costs on consumables alone would take the fun out of ownership, and the fear of a major failure would make me scared to drive it. I don't see how anyone worth less than $10M can justify owning one, as there are plenty of less costly alternatives with a similar fun factor.
Pezo456 Місяць tagasi
Hoovie did better than Ed IMO! SLS 4 LIFE
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Місяць tagasi
Lol Ed with his legs up in the air getting into the car I feel that haha tall people problems
Rpin Місяць tagasi
Are these guys related?
DarkStryder360 Місяць tagasi
The sunshade at the end. Amazing!
Paul Shubsachs
Paul Shubsachs Місяць tagasi
Take it to Scotty;....he'll fix it for a couple of hundred!!!
Harshit S
Harshit S Місяць tagasi
Meanwhile Manny Khoshbin: I need to get one more of these
Grey man
Grey man Місяць tagasi
Well SLR dealers and garages really take the pi$$.1200$ for a brake flush and 2500$ for one strut, which will probably cost less than 100$ to make produce. The prices are disgusting.
Grey man
Grey man Місяць tagasi
180k for an SLR? I always thought they were much more than that?
mike stang
mike stang Місяць tagasi
They remind me of a Chrysler Crossfire, that stubby rear end SUCKS, it needs about 3 to 4 inches more.......
Fx B
Fx B Місяць tagasi
Thank god for this video, I was going out to buy an SLR and now I am saving a few cents...
Chris TV
Chris TV Місяць tagasi
Nice to see Tavarish make a cameo in this video "7:49"
Chris TV
Chris TV Місяць tagasi
Why does it have a 6.3 badge?
kunzilla Місяць tagasi
I wonder how much the Michael Jordan SLR is worth now. It was half a mil. when it first put into market, that price simply because of MJ.
Jason Leon
Jason Leon Місяць tagasi
Sometimes I wish I had the money to waste on garbage.
Neil Barnett
Neil Barnett Місяць tagasi
You can get a custom strut made for you for that door. Makes the £1000 (per corner) air suspension on my Lexus sound cheap!
Jack Mott
Jack Mott Місяць tagasi
I am glad some people with more money than sense are willing to put their supercar experiences on youtube so I know never to buy one, good lawd. Replies to this talking about having enough money to not care: not the issue! want to wake up and drive my nice car! don't want to deal with nice car's bullshit all the time.
Naveed Hussain
Naveed Hussain Місяць tagasi
Hoovie sounds a little bitter.
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