My 1966 Chevy Corvette 427 Coupe is FINALLY FINISHED (Totaling up the cost) 

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ThirdDegreeWitch Explores
That paint job on the Maybach is a total disgrace , A 4 year old with a rattle can could do better
BARON VON FUMBLE 4 päeva tagasi
The soundtrack for this Video - "American Muscle": Forgiato Blow & Stoney Dudebro eefrom.info/limo/nXaypZGf2NOVz54/video
Joshua Felty
Joshua Felty 5 päeva tagasi
Keeping it real is what earned you another subscriber.
Sadiq 10 päeva tagasi
The Maybach colour reduces its value by at least 30%.
Jack Again
Jack Again 12 päeva tagasi
You could have bought a new Vette for that $$$...but this finer model is selling for 140K classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1966/chevrolet/corvette/101518843 I think it's time to dump more money into it 🚀😂 This one is 85K www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/chevrolet/corvette/2502980.html
MMonroe 18 päeva tagasi
Too bad you don't have the 4 speed tranny to go with the 427 I don't know why...
Richard Welsh
Richard Welsh 19 päeva tagasi
Who needs a radio when you have the sweet music of a big block, replacing the caliper is so simple, even bleeding it is not hard to do by yourself, all the best and good luck with it, Rick
Ben Renner
Ben Renner 21 päev tagasi
A car like this is measured in SPG [smiles per gallon] not MPG
Ste 45
Ste 45 25 päeva tagasi
Yikes that maybach looks like a legit hooptie
N VR 25 päeva tagasi
The alignment of the panels, ouchhhhh...not to speak about the paintjob and the color choice :S
oliverheidelberg 26 päeva tagasi
$60K for ancient technology.
Pete Pilot
Pete Pilot 26 päeva tagasi
Love the color on this Corvette. It’s the color I picked for my first car which was a 1956 Chevy 2 door sedan. It looked very nice on that one also.
mythology buster
mythology buster 27 päeva tagasi
Lex Man
Lex Man Місяць tagasi
You need a coolant overflow bottle
K Sepp
K Sepp Місяць tagasi
I feel like you alone keep the Wizard shop's lights on.
Specialist Trophy Hunter
Specialist Trophy Hunter Місяць tagasi
Great car :D
Mary Leonard
Mary Leonard Місяць tagasi
That Grand Wagoneer is the bomb😎😎😎
Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks
Don't insult that wagoneer, it's an AMC product not Chrysler. That vehicle was built before the buyout.
Max Kafka
Max Kafka Місяць tagasi
Is he sponsored by Maaco? Maybe they’re super high end now, but that generation Maybach had a vastly more complicated paint/clear system than the same generation Mercedes S Class. As far as I know from paint/body men, repairing a small scratch in one requires a real artist with a lot of time. It’s not a Toyota paint job
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal Місяць tagasi
Do a 4 link rear suspension
myoption100 Місяць tagasi
Why not have the black 427 valve covers back on the new engine?
Grey man
Grey man Місяць tagasi
The Porsche kit car looks amazing even on the lift .
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Місяць tagasi
clean it up more is should sell for way more
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Місяць tagasi
50000 is a deal
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Місяць tagasi
get factory side pipes and you will love it more Have had one my whole life
Jason Leon
Jason Leon Місяць tagasi
That Maybach looks sexy without a doubt. To bad it is a crappy POS car.. As expected of any luxury car. That Corvette sounds so weak. As a old car guy. it would take about $400 to make it actually sound good.
brian johnson
brian johnson Місяць tagasi
Are you getting tires with red strip???
ric staz
ric staz Місяць tagasi
The car is 50+ years old, with 4 piston caliper's. They will need sleeves. I have a 1969 Mustang from AZ, the bushing are beat-out on the original, upper control arms. The car likes to go left or right, at speed. Both are typical wearing parts.
- ManillaZilla
- ManillaZilla Місяць tagasi
Welcome to the club!!! My 67 is my favorite car and I’m sure it will be yours too! ( in time)
Dan Terry
Dan Terry Місяць tagasi
There are some negative comments about the paint. Not from me, anything is better than some rust stained patina pos. Great car.
John Boucher
John Boucher Місяць tagasi
Hoovie, Please buy a high miles but very nice condition Subaru STi and see if it holds up on the track for you. Thanks, John
Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones Місяць tagasi
Hell yeah brother!!! u got 3 of my dream cars so now, lotto time 🤣
71ala Місяць tagasi
The red doesn't work on the Maybach at all, it looks awful. Have Maaco do a dark blue or something like that please. Also the wheels look way too silvery, they don't match the car at all. Have them painted in a darker, non-shiny grey color...
Dayvan Cowboy
Dayvan Cowboy Місяць tagasi
I think it would be best to do a warp to entire car
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill Місяць tagasi
I love that Corvette every cent is worth it to put in a Corvette it’s just I was raised with Camaros I’m 69 through 92 Corvettes I had an accident I had to have a rod put my leg after that I could never get the car back to get over that door piece would tear my leg so I kept Mauser easy to get out so I like to get a Camaro and looking forward to going up so high I can’t work I’m sorry cuteRich like you
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill Місяць tagasi
I think it automatic you slip the clutch too much
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill Місяць tagasi
How are watching some good videos of your camera and I’m waiting for some more American hot rod
KCJbomberFTW Місяць tagasi
I almost threw up when I saw the maybachs paint 🤢
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme Місяць tagasi
Popup-upanddown-headlights 🍩😎
IDYLBERRY Місяць tagasi
Spent all that dough on a new motor and failed to go duel quads.
Eric Pippen
Eric Pippen Місяць tagasi
I would sell my soul for this car
AdamG1983 Місяць tagasi
That leaning passenger seat is bothering me somehow
Stuart Winter
Stuart Winter Місяць tagasi
Hoovie now has a maacobach tee hee.
The Grauw
The Grauw Місяць tagasi
First time here and glad I started on this video. My career and love is restoring vehicles to there best capable appearance. Seeing that you send a Maybach to Macco facility for a paint job I will not be returning. Thanks ANNNDDD no thanks!
AdamG1983 Місяць tagasi
MAACO is the Dollar General of body shops, isn't it?
AdamG1983 Місяць tagasi
"The two tone looks fantastic" The comment section: "Are you sure about that?"
carclubseller Місяць tagasi
C'mon Hoov! Get the replacement stuff, including tires and put the thing together.
andrew c
andrew c Місяць tagasi
I bought this I bought that Same as cleetus. .and in recent times that wizard buying cars.....Im out guys....
andrew c
andrew c Місяць tagasi
I think your full of gloating....
andrew c
andrew c Місяць tagasi
I honestly thought car chanelles where full of shit. All their on here to say is Guess What I Bought....Fuck off ,what happened to how to fix......
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Місяць tagasi
Nice video but whoever recorded the background music should be vetoed to ever write music again.
Ron Conrad
Ron Conrad Місяць tagasi
Fat greedy wizard always hangs on Hovie when he's got a bill
Steve Zimmerman
Steve Zimmerman Місяць tagasi
That vette is a work of art. Can't say that for the Maybach, an ugly car made even uglier by Maaco.
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug Місяць tagasi
Tyler fast spending $$$ but I can help ... you have a 750 I will buy from you
Mike Vale
Mike Vale Місяць tagasi
Welcome to the joys of owning a classic car..
Adam Maklada
Adam Maklada Місяць tagasi
Put white tires on it
VetteSource Місяць tagasi
If the brake calipers aren't leaking on a C2 or C3, there isn't any fluid in them😁. Definitely a keeper, you'll find it's a conversation starter everywhere you go and runs just as well and more enjoyable than many newer cars.
southothehighway Місяць tagasi
Is the stance right?
David Kelm
David Kelm Місяць tagasi
That's how it goes ! Drive, Break, Fix, Repeat 😅
Pete B
Pete B Місяць tagasi
That Maybach paint work is shit. Fully reflective of Maaco quality.
Jessica and Adam lawson
Jessica and Adam lawson Місяць tagasi
It really is the theme song is videos that make everything
FknLit Місяць tagasi
Car wizard is awesome lol Now when he looks at the camera he just nodes his head up an down. Lol
Gareth Richards
Gareth Richards Місяць tagasi
Hey I'll buy that Corvette! (And I'm a Porsche guy). Better transmission, new engine, whats not to like. Ping me.
Tom Lindo
Tom Lindo Місяць tagasi
Missed Back-Bach opportunity.
michael montes
michael montes Місяць tagasi
Tyler... I have a friend with a disassembled 57vette.... Let me know if you are interested in looking...Would be a cool project video series...
Andrew Hartung
Andrew Hartung Місяць tagasi
Well done. From what I hear Chevrolet made a huge stride in drivability with the C2. This is probably in my top 5 favorites on your channel.
John Peter
John Peter Місяць tagasi
Beautiful car!
RCgene Місяць tagasi
50-60k! for that without a working radio and bad tires????????????? and not ALL original? i guess its worth it if someone payed for it. makes me think my c-4 is still worth its original price of 29k... all original new tires and air! MAKE ME AN OFFER!
Pete Місяць tagasi
Paint job looks absolutely terrible 🤭
Debra Starke
Debra Starke Місяць tagasi
I think it’s time to put a paint booth in Wizards garage
Wes Patridge
Wes Patridge Місяць tagasi
Goodness. That Maybach is hideous.
Pepijn Verbeek
Pepijn Verbeek Місяць tagasi
Trevor Barstow
Trevor Barstow Місяць tagasi
Asking everyone out there that watches the best EEfrom channel and are car fans.. I am a single father in trouble I am asking for donations to keep my daughter in her home please!! $tbarstow90. And as always keep posting hoovie
Werscajk Місяць tagasi
That V70R at the end has some serious oil issues. Ask me how I know... :D :D
Robsa Walker
Robsa Walker Місяць tagasi
Wait... you PAID for the paint job in that Maybach?! I presumed it was panels off another car and was waiting to be resprayed! It looks utterly hideous, what were you thinking!
crapcopter Місяць tagasi
I see that you're selling the G20. saw it on cars&bids.
viscountalpha Місяць tagasi
I still think you should have put a EEfrom link of your channel on the serial #
viscountalpha Місяць tagasi
If you ever had to sell this one, you would come out ahead.
radouane zlagui
radouane zlagui Місяць tagasi
tylor; you are amazing...
Non155 Місяць tagasi
have you ever buy a [1,957s] [1957s] CEVY BEL AIR?
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams Місяць tagasi
Wow, this is not a great ad for Maaco. Previous jobs have been OK (After a fashion) but this is properly cr@p. There's a color/paint texture/finish mismatch as well as the things pointed out. Ugghh. Vette looks nice though! 🙂
Charles Williams
Charles Williams Місяць tagasi
The macco paint job looks horrible 😂
pablo rages
pablo rages Місяць tagasi
I'd be keeping that car !
pablo rages
pablo rages Місяць tagasi
What a GREAT looking car !
Steve McNamee
Steve McNamee Місяць tagasi
That is a shit way to send a car back to owner after painting. Poor workmanship and who ever approved it as done needs to have eyes checked.
Richard DuBois
Richard DuBois Місяць tagasi
big block C2 corvettes cost big bucks, but if you paid the price and it was not original engine and the engine did not even hold up, well not worth what you paid. The good thing is that prices are rising. I almost bought a driver condition C2 vette a year ago with small block for 30k. Now prices are way above that.
Neil Master
Neil Master Місяць tagasi
Hoovie, no, this one is special: facebook.com/StreetsideNashville/photos/pcb.1438122063205592/1438121829872282/
partyrockhater Місяць tagasi
more 60's Hoopties please!!!!
thomas pavelko
thomas pavelko Місяць tagasi
Worth it??. Seriously? I've been watching this channel for a while and I think you just want to fail and lose money, that Corvette in that Wagoneer you're going to make money on the rest of that stuff you're going to lose money on,ya know the "fancy" stuff. The bill for that Corvette is less than it cost to replace the headlight in that Lamborghini. If you really want to lose out big on that Corvette let me know I'll give you an offer for it, that way you can go whine and cry about how much money you lost on it...shakes head..
Grant Fryer
Grant Fryer Місяць tagasi
Brake caliper? You can't even fix that in the huge garage you have at home?
Ross Barsi
Ross Barsi Місяць tagasi
bruce poole
bruce poole Місяць tagasi
If you don't want the Corvette, I've got a few Australian Pesos I can give you for it hahaha
fasstang87 Місяць tagasi
Hold on is no one talking about that Volvo that passed Hoovie at end of the video burning oil? It seems pretty fitting that a car engine swapped video ended with another car needing another engine rebuild. Great Video like always.
weedeater49cc Місяць tagasi
whats a blueprint restomod ...
weedeater49cc Місяць tagasi
special code blueprint reprint D-type jag to get coffee on Sunday ...
Glynn Johnson
Glynn Johnson Місяць tagasi
Who would take a Maybach to Macao?
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo Місяць tagasi
Hell, the Vette is only 55 years old, not even eligible for Social Security yet. Cut it some slack. Things are gonna break now and then on any good old car. The little old gal has been saving them all up for you and the Wizard, knowing its fixes will get done right.
Big Boy toyz
Big Boy toyz Місяць tagasi
The wizards garage looks like hoovies personal storage. Lol
TatorTot Garage
TatorTot Garage Місяць tagasi
One of my dreams cars! Enjoy it hoovie! Ill get one day !!
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo Місяць tagasi
How the heck does any YT vid get 422k views in three days, and not even be considered "viral"? It boggles the imagination.
Mr. Timothy
Mr. Timothy Місяць tagasi
Anyone else watch this video closely to see if you spotted a smoking V70R? And it does make an appearance! :)
Blue Eyes Willy
Blue Eyes Willy Місяць tagasi
I like the color scheme of the Maybach! Just get the paint job fixed and it will be okay Can't wait to see the Maybach done