Why it's taking FOREVER to fix the Cheapest Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster 

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2 apr 2021



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Greg Skuza
Greg Skuza Місяць tagasi
True car guy, use my bed blanket to protect your car! Yeah man, I would do the same!
Patrick Mckinney
Patrick Mckinney 2 місяці tagasi
Hoovie you inspired me I just uploaded a video about the cheapest VW Mk2 golf in America
Willow Ashnola
Willow Ashnola 2 місяці tagasi
Who cares about a bedspread. I’d give the shirt off my back to protect that truck bed. 😭
timmee 2 місяці tagasi
Yay MINI! You fixed the headlights! 🖤
Dirk Creasy
Dirk Creasy 2 місяці tagasi
Every time hoovie drives that truck I about have a heart attack
Acme 2 місяці tagasi
Tim's Time !!
Tim's Time !! 3 місяці tagasi
Hoovie, is this your car in the DMX video? eefrom.info/limo/l6aqzcObscuipmc/video
Wendy C
Wendy C 3 місяці tagasi
I'm addicted to Hoover's channel!
Pickamove 3 місяці tagasi
It belongs in a museum!
Anthony Wareham
Anthony Wareham 3 місяці tagasi
Hoovie you have a voice for film and TV. Like David Duchovney and/or Justin Kirk. Make a voice tape, or even start acting. You have the basics. Dream it, do it; keep yr day job to start....
Roman Rusavuk
Roman Rusavuk 3 місяці tagasi
9:30 look mom I made my bed
Stephen Trout
Stephen Trout 3 місяці tagasi
lol @ people who actually think he actually charged him 62.50 for scanning the car. Please never procreate with anyone or anything.
No 3 місяці tagasi
Only needs bump stops amazing condition
Shaggydude 3 місяці tagasi
Can I buy that jeep waggoneer from you Hoovie?
Terry Grimmer
Terry Grimmer 3 місяці tagasi
I like you Hoovie! You're honest and you say like it is!
zepptar 3 місяці tagasi
Cheapest lambo is also the lamest lambo
Allan Eddings
Allan Eddings 3 місяці tagasi
Come on guys we are going way overboard. It’s got 9000 miles and never been driven in the rain doesn’t matter if it’s 70 years old if it never gets wet and it’s super low miles yes it’s gonna look new. Plus it is a throwaway Dodge so yes you’re going way overboard LOL
Youtube Killed Me
Youtube Killed Me 3 місяці tagasi
how do i unsub ?
06MERC 3 місяці tagasi
Looks like you got it from Vanguard Motor Sales
Bill M
Bill M 3 місяці tagasi
For the hoovster.. You have an insane collection of cars and I really like to see you presenting them on EEfrom, but the sound! Dude, why don’t you consider picking up the kind of microphone used on some of the talk shoes, that stars or guests use. The microphone attached to your collar, or closer to your mouth. Do you listen to audio recorded on your podcasts? This one on the Diablo was beyond lame.
Amy Corrigan
Amy Corrigan 3 місяці tagasi
May have been said many times before, but his speech patterns remind me of Jeff Goldblum.
swingersonian 3 місяці tagasi
His wife should cut him off for a year for ruining that comforter. Ouch!
Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens 3 місяці tagasi
All the seals...that's why low milage old cars are scary. I prefer a high milage well maintained.
almsco 3 місяці tagasi
Dennis Collins used the word "Hooptie" in his video yesterday :)
John LaCroix
John LaCroix 3 місяці tagasi
WOW very kool great info. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work
Amyn Tharani
Amyn Tharani 3 місяці tagasi
For all the amount you spend with the wizard, I hope he was joking about the diagnostic charge.. Ps get a cheap scanner to clear codes
Ty Webb
Ty Webb 3 місяці tagasi
What a dumb show......can't wait to watch more dumb episodes!
Zyzz 3 місяці tagasi
no wonder this guy is buying lambos his videos have like 10 ads on them
Ramona Rice
Ramona Rice 3 місяці tagasi
The oceanic heart byerly relax because engineer externally escape across a lamentable gray. neighborly, squealing slip
Motor Head 963
Motor Head 963 3 місяці tagasi
Damn that’s Dacota looks insane and brand spanking new
Paul Fogel
Paul Fogel 3 місяці tagasi
I had a 325iX. I regret selling it
Douglas Lang
Douglas Lang 3 місяці tagasi
I'm sure your wife is gonna love that comforter truck bed protector
Andrew Jacob
Andrew Jacob 3 місяці tagasi
Every non-supercar Hoovie buys I find myself looking up and wanting. Dang this channel. I didn't know I wanted a Conversation van, Suburban, Dakota, or a old station wagon until this channel... I used to make fun of how dumb GM conversion vans looked on the exterior, but after that video a few months ago I think one might seriously be my next purchase! A supercar will never be in my budget though so he does not rope me in on those:) I would like to see hoovie get a regular cab Ram SRT10, Chevy (Holden) SS mt and/or a Chevy SSR sometime to add to his collection as they are also unique and somewhat affordable to the "average Joe". I also think they would make good content:) Pretty much all the ones Doug DuMuro mocks are my favorites...lol.
redeclipzegsx 3 місяці tagasi
Did Hoovie ever sell that Typhoon? I loved that thing 🥺
Colefinney 1234
Colefinney 1234 3 місяці tagasi
You should get a truck bed liner
Dr. Duck
Dr. Duck 3 місяці tagasi
Now to check the viscous coupling on the e30 That mainly what the jackstand test checks
Brad Peters
Brad Peters 3 місяці tagasi
Is there a link for the BMW auction?
GENIUSCOMMENTALERT!!! 3 місяці tagasi
GENIUSCOMMENTALERT!!! 3 місяці tagasi
Mark Beez Blogs
Mark Beez Blogs 3 місяці tagasi
Hi, I’m wondering if you could share the part number, brand and source of the one power seat modules for the G-Wagen?! My dad has an 03 G400cdi with the same battery drain issues!
Kidsinamerica 3 місяці tagasi
One of the WONDERFUL thing about Porsche engineering is that their car assembly and dis-assembly (for simple, advanced, and restoration service) is VERY simple and straightforward. Anyone with patience and care can do it, quickly and easily. The Italians never spent any engineering effort in that regard whatsoever. Their cars are an unholy nightmare to work-on.
Ready to Rip Hobby
Ready to Rip Hobby 3 місяці tagasi
Your Dakota is officially a hooptie with a cel on
Justin Pakarno
Justin Pakarno 3 місяці tagasi
What are the odds that those tires slid around dingging the f outta the wheel tubs?
solid snake
solid snake 3 місяці tagasi
all these youtubers realy have world problems
Boris Bolshoi
Boris Bolshoi 3 місяці tagasi
Really wish you'd do more content on the 348 😍😍😍
andrew lightwood
andrew lightwood 3 місяці tagasi
Why don't you do a day's work and clean your own cars , and do some spanner work , time to unsubscribe, can't stand lazey people
Paolo Mendoza
Paolo Mendoza 3 місяці tagasi
i guess a moving blanket from Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Harbor Freight or Lowes was just tooo much trouble LOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOOLLLOLOL
Train Man
Train Man 3 місяці tagasi
The Fiero, Legit and WatchJR worked on is for sale from The Used Kar Lot channel
Green Weenie
Green Weenie 3 місяці tagasi
Man u made me miss my old 325....
Robert B
Robert B 3 місяці tagasi
I like how he proceeds to ding the passenger door on the lift getting the blanket out.
KE 3 місяці tagasi
I love how john has the albanian flag on the back🇦🇱
TheRandyGT 3 місяці tagasi
*Hits door on lift*
Kenny Stobbs
Kenny Stobbs 3 місяці tagasi
‘Please take my money...just give me the wrack’ 😁
Chester Chambers
Chester Chambers 3 місяці tagasi
Garages all over town full or cars, but not a single moving blanket. Classic Hoovie
GTOger 3 місяці tagasi
Good grief I want a big ol land yacht like that Caddy up on the lift.
Rod Devereaux
Rod Devereaux 3 місяці tagasi
Jose Duran Jr
Jose Duran Jr 3 місяці tagasi
I still want the Allante
220 221
220 221 3 місяці tagasi
Barrett Jackson, eh? Pretty fricken cool man✌
solofalcon 3 місяці tagasi
CEL on Dakota is probably O2 sensor, always, fucking always....
The Alcohologist
The Alcohologist 3 місяці tagasi
Kinda ironic about the dodge and the Diablo given Chrysler is the former parent company of Lamborghini
David P Edwards III
David P Edwards III 3 місяці tagasi
What is it with calling Trucks and S U V’s CARS??!!
Mike Browne
Mike Browne 3 місяці tagasi
Surprised the "Ninja" was able to fix anything
Steven Graham
Steven Graham 3 місяці tagasi
I’m just can’t help but think the wizards is killing our guy just seems shady
lowridr2 3 місяці tagasi
no cars are off limits love it haha
Rehab Ehab
Rehab Ehab 3 місяці tagasi
Hoovie got anything on the side under wraps you want to get rid of?
chris l
chris l 3 місяці tagasi
doug dumoro loves talking about cars an bids
Scott Hartman
Scott Hartman 3 місяці tagasi
I’d have that 5.9R/T over any of the other vehicles in that shop. What a rare and amazing find that Dakota is.
Arne Malmkvist
Arne Malmkvist 3 місяці tagasi
Your wife , she just says , him augin .....
koos lehlogonolo
koos lehlogonolo 3 місяці tagasi
This two will make you lough😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Nadeali Shah
Nadeali Shah 3 місяці tagasi
Ingar looks like Christoper Waltz.
Terra Tundra
Terra Tundra 3 місяці tagasi
Actually there are two things... one is tired and second is new blocks of cheese...
wotrulke 3 місяці tagasi
Great videos 👍🏼 I would love to see a outtakes video with the wizard 🧙🏼‍♂️⭐️
John S
John S 3 місяці tagasi
Hoovy has so many nice cars but only drives them when they are broken 😂
Adrian Kingdon
Adrian Kingdon 3 місяці tagasi
That Beemer will be worth the price of a nice house in a dozen years time
Jeff Sloane
Jeff Sloane 3 місяці tagasi
$62.50. Eye roll. Love it!
E.S. S
E.S. S 3 місяці tagasi
We want a clip about maybach!! 🙂 Where is maybach? 🙂
Greg Salazar
Greg Salazar 3 місяці tagasi
That face when he said _$62.50._ 😂
Lew H
Lew H 3 місяці tagasi
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 3 місяці tagasi
Is your 360 an F1 or manual trans?
Rene M
Rene M 3 місяці tagasi
Love your collection, just don't get rid of the 325ix!!
NoMpars 3 місяці tagasi
5:57 🤣🤣🤣
A5000A 3 місяці tagasi
dont tell mere
the bread
the bread 3 місяці tagasi
The apathetic relation inevitably visit because salt reciprocally open below a maddening couch. nifty, elated impulse
Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills 3 місяці tagasi
In which a man completely misunderstands his wife...
jeff Dupont
jeff Dupont 3 місяці tagasi
1:17 I say gas cap?
Tony coffee
Tony coffee 3 місяці tagasi
The Wizard is Hoovies personal mechanic.
rdm byks
rdm byks 3 місяці tagasi
dreamcar the 325 ix
CT Nguyen
CT Nguyen 3 місяці tagasi
man some times i duno who deserves who more or who is luckier with one or the other in there lives. whether wizard is lucky to have hoovie bring in lots of cars.. but then i see hoovie should be greatful to have a guy like wizard taking care and carrying out all the work on these hoopties! seems like a match made in heaven.. its just one of those meant to be.. it is what it is!
Spencer Porter
Spencer Porter 3 місяці tagasi
Just guys doing guy things lol. 1 time I used a spare blanket we had to haul a transmission, I never noticed that it leaked a little on to it. I washed it but it took a while and now it permanently smells like fluid lol. My gf grabbed it out of the cabinet and used it. All night she was like “what the fuck is that smell?!?” I had her closing all the windows, checking around the room lol. Never told her what I did...that is until she creeps through my EEfrom and sees this message
Kit Carson
Kit Carson 3 місяці tagasi
Spray-in-Bed-Liner / Polyurea / etc.… Your Dodge Dakota will thank you…
Fred Stone
Fred Stone 3 місяці tagasi
Now the dog can have a new blanket to sleep on and he won’t car how ugly it is. I’ll bet that blanket was pre marriage and the wife will be more than happy to see it go and become a permanent bed liner or dog blanket.
Adam Popour
Adam Popour 3 місяці tagasi
Get an after market carpet bed liner
David Willson
David Willson 3 місяці tagasi
get a tray liner
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb 3 місяці tagasi
You own 30 cars but you don't own moving blankets?
kilo bishop
kilo bishop 3 місяці tagasi
Hooove has just purchased the wizard a new mansion with all these repairs 😎
Bush Master
Bush Master 3 місяці tagasi
Eagle Sport are good, the rest of the line sucks except for the F1
Cody Villanueva
Cody Villanueva 3 місяці tagasi
Is your opening theme trade marked
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 3 місяці tagasi
Now we need a Beck Spyder video ... for the record this is your best car
Uncle Duncan's Shack
Uncle Duncan's Shack 3 місяці tagasi
I sometimes wonder how Hoovie still manages to have nice stuff.
Brian Adams
Brian Adams 3 місяці tagasi
Might be a good idea to change those tires also, if they haven't already.
Cary Coller
Cary Coller 3 місяці tagasi
Why is that white Range Rover Sport in Wizards shop?
Ryan Whyte
Ryan Whyte 3 місяці tagasi
Wizard is a rip off
Shark vs. GoPro
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