The INSANE COSTS of owning a Hooptie Fleet ($100k expenses in one month?) 

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LOUIS LAZARUS 9 tundi tagasi
It doesn't matter how much money you spent. What matters is how much money you made after the expenditures. With a youtube channel and sponsors and whatever else goes into your income, if your expenditures exceed your gross, you're in trouble. What's left after all of this is your net, for people who don't understand. The "net" is your take home pay. That's the only thing that really counts.
LivermoresQuant Päev tagasi
hopefully Policy Jesus or whatever paid 40k for that ad spot... I had to press skip forward like 5 times to get through it.
one4uf 3 päeva tagasi
I think it’s pretty dumb that, in 2021, most states still require a commercial building, zoned for a dealership, as a qualification for a dealers license when so many cars these days get sold over the Internet and shipped to their destination. I get some sort of commercial zoning as I wouldn’t want a vehicle shipper pulling up at my neighbor’s house daily, but a simple warehouse of sorts seems like it would do. Seems like theft.
Far_Queue 4 päeva tagasi
From my rouch calcs it only costs about $10 per car per day? cheaper than parking and a coffee bud
TheJohnnyrack 4 päeva tagasi
Fair play for the transparency on the costs I’ll be honest, I don’t feel sorry for you due to you amazing house and fantastic car collection lol But well done on living your dream and producing great content 🤙🏻 Love the channel
Executive Auto
Executive Auto 5 päeva tagasi
this episode should be called "Yachting" since it was said 12000 times. and no hate, but that's a boat bro. Anything under 80feet isn't a yacht
Lawrence Moran
Lawrence Moran 5 päeva tagasi
Hey there, are you still giving away the 645i? Would love to get a chance to get that vehicle.
John Favaloro Jr.
John Favaloro Jr. 6 päeva tagasi
Montana LLC for Hoovie
Tom Peters
Tom Peters 6 päeva tagasi
"But don't feel bad for me" as u film infront of 6 gorgeous luxury/supermarket parked in the driveway of ur multimillion dollar home with the million dollar garage.
Ceedee Galalone
Ceedee Galalone 6 päeva tagasi
13:26....im pretty sure he squeezed a fart out hahaha...love ya Hoovie!!
Jonathan 6 päeva tagasi
Omfg please put a compressor on your audio. Or get some plug-in that auto levels the volume of your voice. There are so many highs and lows in your speech patterns. Also the eq sucks. Invest in a good lav. Like a Countryman B3 or B6. This is a standard broadcast / live lav. Plug it into the Tascam DR-10L which is like a wireless transceiver but it’s a recorder instead. Turn it on and it can record all day with timecode, 48khz 24bit audio. Then just sync the bits where you recorded video. It automatically sets the right level. Automatically keeps it at the right volume while recording a safety track with a lower level in case you scream suddenly it won’t clip and sound distorted. You tend to have this problem a lot. Time to grow up and become a big EEfromr boy! www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/513279-REG/Countryman_B6P5FF05B_B6_Omnidirectional_Lavalier_Microphone.html tascam.com/us/product/dr-10l/top
Trading Card Emporium (TCE)
That’s a lot of wasted money
Dan Grassetti
Dan Grassetti 7 päeva tagasi
I guess EEfrom revenues make it all work.
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 7 päeva tagasi
Awesome video. One of my favorite things about your channel is your transparency. It is truly helpful to know what these sorts of things cost. Again, thanks for sharing it.
FTF Skater
FTF Skater 7 päeva tagasi
So roughly $270,000. When do we see this as an addiction again? 😂😂😂
Adam R
Adam R 8 päeva tagasi
Give us the Yacht special!
Michael Wiebers
Michael Wiebers 8 päeva tagasi
Hello Hoovie, I should have your problems. Guess you haven’t changed over all these years. I go back to when you had problems with that Caddy 😉.
Pixel_Geist 8 päeva tagasi
will trade atv for stingray
Pyronious520 8 päeva tagasi
Show us the hooptie ship!
brian5o 9 päeva tagasi
An great alternative title for this video would be "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems." That being said, if I had the money and the ability to do what you do, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my money. Keep doin' what you're doin', man. BTW, the detail job on the Diablo looks striking! Wow, she's a beaut!
Andrew 222333
Andrew 222333 9 päeva tagasi
Why don't you ditch that Jeff Goldblum persona
marathonfreak67 9 päeva tagasi
These are first world problems I could deal with . . . (including the YT revenue, of course.)
Katt Casel
Katt Casel 9 päeva tagasi
Thanks Hoovie for the big tax reveal here in Kansas!! For those of you that don't live in Kansas, we pay a tax EVERY YEAR on our cars whether we buy, sell, or keep them. It doesn't matter, Kansas issues a tax for them anyway. #1 reason I have not bought a new car here. It is based on the current value and gradually drops as the car gets older.
piketfencecartel 9 päeva tagasi
Yacht special. Get Tavarish and Ed out there in Wizards other 2 yachts.
terry leacock
terry leacock 9 päeva tagasi
Wow those are really old style of transportation, kind of like the steam engines or house and buggie. We are in a whole new millenia it's electric! It would be great to rip all the gas engines out of those cars and make them all electric. But then you wouldn't have a job would you?!
matthew seaver
matthew seaver 9 päeva tagasi
These videos are the problem with EEfrom. It starts out as a channel about cars with a semi-interesting person, and it evolves into a EEfrom channel about the semi-interesting person with some cars. This makes the semi-interesting person annoying. Sorry dude. Get back to basics.
Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle 9 päeva tagasi
Do you pay tax on second hand cars?
herrbrahms 9 päeva tagasi
You've shown us the expense side; now show us the revenue side. You've gotta be pulling in well north of a half mill per year for all of this to pencil out.
sv650rider 9 päeva tagasi
This week on Hoarders of EEfrom we are in Wichita Kansas....
WRK141USN 10 päeva tagasi
The state of Kansas, should name a school after Hoovie, with ALL the taxes that poor man pays! 😮 💰 😮
mitsuturbo 10 päeva tagasi
Hoovie, i'm sure many of us are curious. Ballpark figure... What's a EEfrom star like yourself get from videos? Did you pull down six figures (lo or hi, it's a HUGE range) from your YT content? (I know taxes and the like may reduce that to under six figs as well, but hey, whatever)
mitsuturbo 10 päeva tagasi
I applaud your success! You're making entertaining videos for (mostly) regular folks. Thank you for that. Now show us that boat!!! PS: You want to REALLY get crazy? Start buying hooptie boats. ;) ENDLESS CONTENT!!!
Jeff Senecal
Jeff Senecal 10 päeva tagasi
Loving that blue still huh Hoovie....
Dennis DeMille
Dennis DeMille 10 päeva tagasi
poor Mike. he didnt want to be in the video, but made it anyway. Thanks Hoovie, I love it
Eli Moter
Eli Moter 10 päeva tagasi
I love watching your videos you are very entertaining.
C-5 Arts
C-5 Arts 10 päeva tagasi
Tyler, don't sweat it! I bet you hit 2 million subs by the end of this year and with all the additional revenue your fleet will double in size! :-D Keep up the great work!
Doug Obermann
Doug Obermann 10 päeva tagasi
Worth every minute $$$$
Allan Koivu
Allan Koivu 10 päeva tagasi
German quality....cha ching.
drdamann 10 päeva tagasi
Hoovie I don't know if you know this but you'd save thousands if you did the work yourself. haha
MIchael H
MIchael H 10 päeva tagasi
Suggestion for your next "project": Porsche 928.
José Martins
José Martins 10 päeva tagasi
Jay DKB 10 päeva tagasi
Time to start a new channel car channels are expensive
MrTilbin 10 päeva tagasi
Considering the amount you own vs repairs and maintenance isn't so bad.
czaryone 10 päeva tagasi
Pigs are actually very smart and clean animals. It's the people that lock them in a place where they crap and sleep and do all other things. Peoples choice, not pigs. They are smarter then dogs and they suffer in those conditions. So you not like a Pig, you chosen this, they didn't.
Lemon Squidz
Lemon Squidz 10 päeva tagasi
Bruh those cars are literally his children
Thomas Brasse
Thomas Brasse 10 päeva tagasi
Please god be a boat with a hooptie lambo v12.
East or West
East or West 10 päeva tagasi
Only a Douchebag owns 3 Yachts and says "i've got some serious yachting to do": Fact
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta 10 päeva tagasi
Mike is so much better on camera now. He used to be like wizard was in the beginning.
shananagans5 10 päeva tagasi
"Don't tell Mere"
Christopher Ritschel
Christopher Ritschel 10 päeva tagasi
This guy's spends more then what I make in like 4 years on just repairs in one year
P. A. Grens
P. A. Grens 10 päeva tagasi
Def interested in the boat video!
Lord Nougat
Lord Nougat 10 päeva tagasi
Show us your boat and I'll show you mine!
itinensanzen 11 päeva tagasi
Whatta aging ugly fleet of money pits, i fell bad for you. Sell all of it and buy Lexus, Hondas and Toyotas.
hecmig lezama
hecmig lezama 11 päeva tagasi
holly wizard! wonder why the guy the guy has 3 yacht now!
spdodger 11 päeva tagasi
New schtick would be great.
Geoff Marsh
Geoff Marsh 11 päeva tagasi
Don't do the boat stuff: classic car guys like watches, not c**p that floats, boring!!! Perhaps a new video on the number of times Mrs. Hoovies Range Rover breaks down or develops faults, which they all do.
Just Watching
Just Watching 11 päeva tagasi
WIZard Hoovie yacht video 🤟
Gareth Bell
Gareth Bell 11 päeva tagasi
VxNoVaa kun
VxNoVaa kun 11 päeva tagasi
I wish i was as dumb as Hoovie
ZoomThumpThumpThump 11 päeva tagasi
It's called "car poor". I have 8 cars right now and I feel the pain.
Capt_Beefheart 11 päeva tagasi
Sorry dude, you just lost me. Yeah, it's obvious you've got money, but there's no entertainment in hearing you flaunt it. I like the car stories and the car wizard, and I really like the Ninja and I like the fantasy that someday I can.buy a nice hooptie (I hate that word, but sometimes we make sacrifices) to play with. It's not about the actual money so much as the bragging and boasting that go with it. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman 11 päeva tagasi
You've got to show the boat, now you have said about it.
Phil 11 päeva tagasi
You should put a hellcat engine in the prowler.
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran 11 päeva tagasi
DO IT. Get the dealers license and grow the channel! New content!!
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran 11 päeva tagasi
Easter egg: Find the Apollo 911 background cameo.
J. N. Miller
J. N. Miller 11 päeva tagasi
@hooviesgarage Just saw your TV show finally came out on Motortrend
Jason S
Jason S 11 päeva tagasi
A Freddy's frozen is opening in Linden New Jersey !!. What's good to try??
efwon 11 päeva tagasi
Yachts start at 30metres, not 30 or 40 feet.
J Yeh
J Yeh 11 päeva tagasi
Yacht special would be lovely
Dennis Mihail Chiran
Dennis Mihail Chiran 11 päeva tagasi
13:26 what is that sound? :)) it is what I think 🤔? Anyway great content 👌! 🤝👍
Pedro Areias
Pedro Areias 11 päeva tagasi
I guess you guys are making more money than a typical Portuguese politician, which is outrageous. Or perhaps not yet, but getting there. Citing Sacha, «great success(!)»
carl gruver
carl gruver 11 päeva tagasi
GET your dealers lic. Or brokers lic
Cameron Clayton
Cameron Clayton 11 päeva tagasi
No one feels bad for you because you spent 100 grand last month. Dick
Lucien Antonin
Lucien Antonin 11 päeva tagasi
I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Selah Mitchell, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.
kerranz 11 päeva tagasi
Pigs don't 'choose' to live in crap. In the wild they are relatively clean. It's only when they're penned up that they're forced to protect their skin with the mud in the lot, which they also defecate in.
Nicholas Martorina
Nicholas Martorina 12 päeva tagasi
You could open up a museum and avoid a lot of taxes that way too
gsneff 12 päeva tagasi
Taxation is theft
It's Time
It's Time 12 päeva tagasi
First of all you should drive that old Mercedes more often. Secondly, ship it down to Pierre Hedary. He’ll sort it. No offense to the wizard.
Brett Turner
Brett Turner 12 päeva tagasi
Dr. Evil $100k drop
carkotta 12 päeva tagasi
You’re lucky you don’t live in New York
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage 12 päeva tagasi
Regardless of how expensive your lifestyle is you must be making more than you are spending given all the assets you have acquired and to have a $40,000 credit limit means you must be doing OK in the eyes of your credit card company...🤷‍♂️
blawson1122 12 päeva tagasi
U should buy your own tow rig
Caleb Orvik
Caleb Orvik 12 päeva tagasi
Caleb Orvik
Caleb Orvik 12 päeva tagasi
Boat reveal
Daniel Arsenault
Daniel Arsenault 12 päeva tagasi
So you have a job and it isnt always perfect, Geez, moan some more your millennial is showing,. You play with Ferraris and Astons every day, the worlds tiniest violin plays for you. Its not even your money you are spending, its your ad revenue.
steve thomas
steve thomas 12 päeva tagasi
Lol good video! But you need to do the true dmv answer!!! How much did you purchase the car for sir? $500 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Melvin Fansler
Melvin Fansler 12 päeva tagasi
I to, have a hooptie fleet, if two cars is considered a fleet...lol
honeyblunt5150 12 päeva tagasi
Hoovie, stop screwing around and show us the Aston Martin V12 Convertible
Tim Chapman
Tim Chapman 12 päeva tagasi
I don’t but you make me a happy man when I watch you channel 😂
yxsh 12 päeva tagasi
What happened to your old Manic Monday inspired intro?
John Smith
John Smith 12 päeva tagasi
Making 10x what your typical customer service person makes,without the bullshit they have to deal with,sure sounds aweful.
Steven witt
Steven witt 12 päeva tagasi
Watching hoovies garage now 20% advertisements 20% driving the car to wizards 60% bitching about the price
Sam 12 päeva tagasi
I'm guessing all those repairs are tows are write offs as it's part of the business model of the channel?
Walt Kosch
Walt Kosch 12 päeva tagasi
What I would like to see. Hoovie driving around offering total strangers a ride in his fancy cars. It's a dream for a lot of us just to take a ride in a car like Tyler's Lambos. Anyone else think this would be cool?
andy fletcher
andy fletcher 12 päeva tagasi
Ouch. And the wizard has just got a private jet
Mariusz Arszylo
Mariusz Arszylo 12 päeva tagasi
Why are you listed as the only driver on your wife's car? You just said it's her car...
Mariusz Arszylo
Mariusz Arszylo 12 päeva tagasi
"Don't feel bad for me..." nobody feels bad for you
Michael Pfaff
Michael Pfaff 12 päeva tagasi
That's over $255,000.00!!! Over a quarter million!! $255,000!!!!!! I fell over!!!!! I am shocked!!!! A quarter million!!!!!
Yoda's BFF
Yoda's BFF 12 päeva tagasi
I think I like Magic Mike better than the Wizard.
Speed and Shine TV
Speed and Shine TV 12 päeva tagasi
Awesome episode!